Just Another Tax And Spend Liberal

President Obama put more distance between his presidency and his candidacy today when he broke yet another campaign promise by signing an earmark laden omnibus spending bill. Candidate Obama attacked wasteful spending and the process of earmarks; President Obama has embraced it. Just as we saw with his demagoguery on hiring lobbyists, we are reminded again that every Obama campaign promise comes with an expiration date.

The president said today:

I recognize that Congress has the power of the purse,” he said in brief remarks in the Old Executive Office Building that were unmistakably aimed down Pennsylvania Avenue. “As a former senator, I believe that individual members of Congress understand their districts best. And they should have the ability to respond to the needs of their communities.”

But as the Politico noted:

Gone from the president’s remarks was his campaign pledge to go through the budget “line-by-line” and a promise, still on the White House website, to “slash earmarks to no greater than 1994 levels.”

That this president possesses not a shred of credibility among the Republican moderates that voted for him should surprise no one (and before the trolls trot out the few Republicans that put earmarks in the legislation let it be noted that they are scoundrels also). As the onion continues to be peeled back voters are learning that not only does this Chicago politician have feet of clay, he’s simply an empty suit, so let’s get it on the record now: no one should believe a word he says. On matters such as closing Gitmo I guess there is some comfort in his disingenuousness, but on domestic fiscal policy it is apparent he is only lying when his lips are moving.

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