Conan O’Brien Mocks Serious Question to Obama

Apparently, Late-night comedian Conan O’Brien thinks asking the President of the United States a serious question is something to ridicule. Or maybe it wasn’t the question, but just the fact that it was a well-known conservative that posed the rather inoffensive query.

As President Obama has allowed but one puffball interview after another, avoiding all the serious questions he can, he was nonetheless asked a rather mild, but serious question by Elisabeth Hasselbeck of ABC’s The View.

But the gall of someone actually asking a serious question of the President was too much for O’Brien to bear.

“Who the hell’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck?,” O’Brien demanded to know.

One could also ask, “who the hell’s Conan O’Brien”? Well, for one, O’Brien is the same fellow who in 2010 failed so spectacularly as the Tonight Show Host that he was fired.

O’Brien went on with his baseless attack on Hasselbeck. “Hey, leader of the free world! Answer this!,” O’Brien then screamed as he indulged an impression of Hasselbeck that portrayed her as some ugly, hateful shrew attacking the President. Of course, the truth is, Hasselbeck asked the question in a respectful and civil manner and wasn’t at all being as hateful as O’Brien portrayed her.

O’Brien was so incensed that Hasselbeck had the temerity to ask Obama a question it makes one wonder just who elitist O’Brien thinks should be “allowed” to talk to the man we all democratically elect to lead us?

If the unoffensive Hasselbeck, a woman who has no history of any scandals or unsavory behavior, shouldn’t be allowed to speak to the President, who should?

Maybe his friend David Letterman? A man who it was revealed sexually harassed a female co-worker?

Or maybe former CBS news anchor Dan Rather who is now a “former anchor” because he was caught lying on the air and knowingly pushing a false story meant to harm a president’s reelection chances.

Maybe O’Brien thinks pillars of the community like the two aforementioned somehow have a more legitimate “right” to ask a president a question?

I supposed wondering what O’Brien was thinking, however, is a silly question. O’Brien is simply another one of those far left, TV suits who can’t stomach any serious questioning of his Obamessiah. His knee jerk support of The One proves that no “thinking” involved.

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