Will Obama Doom His Potential Presidency?

According to Bloomberg, CNN is reporting that Clinton is in formal vice presidency talks with the Obama campaign. If Obama actually chooses Hillary to be his VP, which I know some people say he has to truly consider since so many of Clinton’s supporters will not vote for Obama, he will be asking for big trouble with a capital T. Bill Clinton will cast a huge shadow and will act like he’s running for president. Rush mentioned this on his radio show the other day and he’s right.

Just imagine the scene: it’s the last night of the Democratic National Convention. Barack and Michelle Obama are on stage with Bill and Hillary Clinton. The music is playing, the crowd is cheering, the balloons are dropping, the confetti is swirling.

And there’s Bill with that smug smile plastered on his face, acting like it’s all about him.

If Obama does this, he will soon regret it, but we, Republicans, will enjoy every precious minute of it

Update: Ed Morrissey is also following this story, and links to this YouTube video from CNN in which Suzanne Malveaux says that one possible scenario the Clintons have floated to end this whole debacle is to publicly offer Clinton the VP slot with the understanding that she would publicly decline it. However, the Obama campaign obviously doesn’t like this idea because the Clintons are such liars that what if she renegs on the deal and publicly accepts the offer? He couldn’t very well take it back.

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