No, Rachael, No!

I just want to start this piece by saying that I really, really like Rachael Ray. I really do. I love her shows. I love her cookbooks. I buy her magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray, whenever it’s on the newsstands. I love her cute little spunky personality. I think she is just so adorable… I may even have a little girl-crush on her.

See, I love cooking, and I try to cook for my boyfriend a few times a week, minimum. I really enjoy it. After a long day, I find it relaxing, and especially when I’m trying new things. Thanks to Rachael Ray, I get to experiment with all kinds of different tastes and recipes, much to Mike’s enjoyment.

Because I like Rachael Ray so much, I really wish I hadn’t seen this. I’m just totally dismayed and saddened.

Rachael is the spokesperson for Dunkin Donuts (LOVE their donuts too, by the way). Dunkin has been one of the only companies out there that has been openly strong on illegal immigration enforcement. They’ve been able to restrain themselves from embracing moonbat chic, unlike some businesses out there… like, ahem, Starbucks, maybe?

So when I saw Rachael Ray wearing this, I think my heart broke a little.

That, my friends, is a keffiyeh around Rachael’s neck, a fashion staple for Middle-Eastern terrorists, especially Hamas and Hezbollah. It’s the best in moonbat chic right now, especially in Hollywood. Supporters like to call it a “symbol of Palestinian solidarity” and of the Palestinian struggle for justice against occupation and oppression. It sounds nice, but we all know what that actually means. The keffiyeh is really anti-semitism that you can wear!

And of course, idiotic superficial celebrities and moonbats can’t gobble them up fast enough. And I’m just so disappointed that Rachael Ray has become caught up in the fad.

Michelle Malkin suggests we just give them all the benefit of the doubt:

I’m hoping her hate couture choice was spurred more by ignorance than ideology.

Is Ray’s blunder worth boycotting DD over? I’ll be interested to hear the company’s take. At this point, I’m going to give the management the benefit of the doubt. They have braved boycott threats and attacks over their lonely, principled stance against illegal immigration. Given their pro-rule of law, America first position, I highly doubt the executive offices are filled with moonbats who endorse Ray’s keffiyeh chic.
I guess the only way to know for sure is to wait and see what the reaction from Dunkin Donuts is.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin

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