Things that make you go hmmm (UPDATED)

News this morning coming out of Tehran:

A remote-controlled bomb detonated early Tuesday in Tehran, killing a Tehran University professor of nuclear science, Iranian state media reported.

Terror attacks against Iranian officials and targets in remote provinces aren’t uncommon. But a bombing in Tehran, the capital, is extremely rare, and the target — a nuclear scientist — raised immediate questions over whether the attack was related to Iran’s controversial nuclear program.

Authorities said Tuesday that a parked motorbike was booby-trapped with an explosive device, which detonated near the professor’s car, close to his home in a north Tehran neighborhood, according to Press TV, the state-run, English-language news agency.

Tehran’s prosecutor said the target of the attack, Massoud Ali-Mohammadi, was a Tehran University lecturer, who taught nuclear physics at the school. It wasn’t clear if he had any direct role in Iran’s nuclear program. State media identified Mr. Ali-Mohammadi as a “staunch supporter” of the Islamic revolution.

Most interesting.

Might The Mossad be sending a message?


UPDATE: These words from Hillary yesterday add to the speculation:

“It is clear that there is a relatively small group of decision- makers inside Iran,” she said. “They are in both political and commercial relationships, and if we can create a sanctions track that targets those who actually make the decisions, we think that is a smarter way to do sanctions.”

But she added, “All that is yet to be decided upon.”

Most interesting indeed.

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