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October 30, 2006

Be Campaign Manager For A Day

Vernon Robinson, Republican candidate for Congress in North Carolina's 13th district, is asking the right side of the blogosphere (the "Rightroots"), for help in the final week of his campaign. He is going to let the Rightroots vote to determine his schedule for Wednesday, November 1. Robinson's statement follows:

The race for Congress in North Carolina's 13th is razor close. My opponent is totally on defense even bringing in Jim Clyburne, South Carolina's black Congressman to try to shore up his black vote 8 days before. The DCCC has made inquiries and filed paperwork to buy time in the 13th district.

I've decided to fire my campaign manager for a day and have you, the Rightroots, vote on my schedule for Wednesday Nov 1. Whatever you select, we will execute. As the press will follow me around, try to vary the type of events and try to select a number of events to emphasize policy issues. For instance, a visit to the DMV, the Knightdale Minute clinic, and a charter school, would allow us to emphasize illegal immigration, consumer-driven health care, and education reform respectively. The only thing we must do Wednesday is to speak to the College Republicans at NC State in the 6-8 block of time.
Those campaigns that are engaging the blogosphere now are incredibly smart, and by the time 2008 rolls around, anyone not in touch with the blogosphere will be seen as a true dinosaur.

Cast your votes below to let Vernon Robinson know how you would schedule his campaign for a day.

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