Wizbang® Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Send E-Mail To A Wizbang Author?

Each site has a dedicated e-mail address listed in the sidebar (i.e. tips@wizbangblog.com, poptips@wizbangblog.com, politicstips@wizbangblog.com, etc.) that will allow you to send your tips or story submissions to all of the editors at that site. While some Wizbang authors can be reached individually by sending e-mail to their first name at wizbangblog dot com, this is not the recommended form of contact.

Since it's not possible to link to all, or even most, of those e-mailed links we receive we strongly encourage you to send trackbacks to Wizbang posts that you reference. If your blogging software doesn't send trackbacks (i.e. Blogger) we've created the Wizbang Stand Alone Trackback Pinger so that you can send manually created trackbacks. Trackbacks must reference the Wizbang story they are sent to somewhere in your article, or they will be automatically rejected.


Q: What are the star ratings for?

A: Mostly they're just for fun. The top rated stories for the week can be viewed by clicking on the Hot link in the header. We may use the ratings for different purposes in the future on new Wizbang Network sites, but the main blog at Wizbang will retain its chronologically-based presentation of entries.

Q: Is the comment ratings system designed to enforce the kind of ideologically oriented lemming-like comment ratings that you see at Daily Kos?

The comment rating system is not a "mojo" system, nor is it a system designed to to delete or remove comments or ban commenters. The site is set, by default, to show all comments to all readers. Only those readers who pro-actively make a change to their own rating threshold setting (based on their tolerance for low rated comments) will see an altered view of the comment section. That view is is unique to the machine they set it on and doesn't affect anyone else. The comment threshold setting is a tool provided to our readership to set their own views on the comment section.

Considering that a sizable number of regular commenters have urged us of the years to banish those they don't like (which we haven't done) this seems like a practical step to allow readers to set their own level of tolerance for low rated comments. It's a lot more like the Slashdot or Digg system than Kos in that there's no link between the rating on one comment to the next. At Kos those ratings eventually get your account removed. Our system doesn't do that – it simply scores whatever you tell it to, the only link is to the comment ID or entry ID.

Comment Registration

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Dealing With Trolls

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