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March 21, 2005

2 Answers and 2 questions

Steve says he wants to ask me 2 questions:

One, is it safe to assume that you favor of judge/forum shopping, and that you promise to never criticize the liberals and plaintiff's attorneys when they engage in the same behavior?

Two, in light of your past criticisms of Terry's[sic] fate having rested with a 'single judge', how can you support this law which gives a single judge the authority to review the case?

OK, I'll answer... but then I have 2 for you....

#1) I think you have it backwards... You guys have been doing this for years to save murderers and now when people who want to save a sick woman from being killed do it, you whine. But to answer your question, people have been forum shopping since the dawn of a legal system. It is part of life. You've never heard me complain about it.

#2) I never made that argument so it is non applicable.

Now I have 2 questions for you and I know you'll answer them right?

#1) She will live to be a ripe old age if we simply feed her. But you want her to starve to death. Since it is patently obvious that lethal injection is more humane than starvation, don't you agree we should just kill her by lethal injection? And are you willing to be the one to inject her? (OK It is a compound question)

#2) Since you agree with starvation in the case of a woman whose only crime is being worth a million dollars to her ex-husband, do you agree that we should let murderers on death row starve to death too? And if starvation is ok for Terri, what would you say about the Administration starving prisoners at Guantanamo or Abu Grab to get information of out of them that might save American lives?... Certainly that would be ok right?

And lastly Steve... If you are going to advocate that we kill this woman, could you at least take a few moments to learn how to spell her name? Is it too much to ask that you take that much of an interest in her?

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November 13, 2003


Be it know to all that indeed the Axis of Naughty and the Alliance have found someone so deserving of our joint mocking that we have temporarily ceased hostilities long enough to agree on one thing...

And what might that be?

Bill Cimino, purveyor of SuckWatch, shall henceforth and forever reign as the King of Suck.

Bill Cimino

Jennifer has the original announcement, which was linked by Frank J as well, indicating the joint nature of the statement.

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November 10, 2003

Hitting The Fan

Introducing the next juvenile advance in modern blog warfare. Behold IMAO now....

Hap Tip: Shelli

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October 29, 2003

Axis Business

As the erstwhile leader of the Axis of Naughty, it is time for us to weigh in on the mini controversy surrounding the New Weblog Showcase. Even the winner of last weeks showcase is wondering about the effects of alliance voting.

No need to worry about alliance voting from the Axis. In fact there hardly seems to be a need to worry about Axis voting at all, given past voting patterns. Controlling The Axis of Naughty is like herding cats, in theory it could be done, but isn't worth the effort. We are a loosely aligned bunch with no grand schemes, other than to spread a little Naughty and make a little Blog War when ever possible...

We remain, as always, fiercely independent, and loyal to no one other than Glenn.

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October 19, 2003

Ecosystem Business

I've got lots of items involving the The Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem, so I gathered them up into one post.

Jennifer not so subtley reminds me (and the rest of the Axis of Naughty members) to vote in this weeks New Blog Showcase. Votes are counted if you link the entries prior to midnight Sunday PDT. Here are my votes.

Hypocrisy & Hypotheses - Same Thing Every Year

She Who Will Be Obeyed - LIfe, the Universe, and Everything...

Permaroll Contest Update

Welcome Kevin McGehee's blogoSFERICS to the Wizbang Permaroll. Kevin had the most Ecosystem links to Wizbang on Friday and was added to the list of essential sites on the Permaroll. The contest promises to be close every week as Kevin won with 7 links. See this post for details on how the contest works (I've pretty much described all the rules in the previous sentences). Next week it could be your site listed with the luminaries of the blogosphere. McGehee's Saturday linkfest should be on you weekend reading list.

Ecosystem Parallel Universe

I'm all for link whoring, but this will leave you dizzy. Could he link to himself any more?

New Ecosystem Feature

NZ Bear and Orange Hair Boy have put out a cool new code block to retrieve your Ecosystem rankinkg.

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September 28, 2003

New Weblog Showcase

Pickings are kind of slim this week in the New Weblog Showcase, but I'll add links for these posts:

King Of Fools
Tom's Nap Room
Simon World

Since Kate is under the weather and I've got the keys to her site, you'll each have the extra bonus of getting the same votes at Electric Venom. Everyone else is encouraged to vote as well by linking to up to three of the posts. Voting ends at midnight Pacific time on Sundays.

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September 20, 2003

New Weblog Showcase

This is a reminder to Axis of Naughty members (and everyone else) to vote in the TTLB New Weblog Showcase. The contest ends at midnight Sunday each week. To vote for an entry just link to the post.

My votes for the week:

Snooze Button Dreams
Ilyka Damen

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September 19, 2003

Pirate Talk

Jen and someone name Pete have hijacked the comments section on Frank's pirate post. They've used about every pirate term imaginable. Good thing it's Talk Like A Pirate Day or it would all be pretty silly.

Those who watched Survivor know that the theme this season is pirate oriented. Both tribes are named for famous pirates and they've even got a "Blackbeard" (Rupert). Unfortunately Nicole was voted out before we could confirm that she had nothing on under the dress.

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September 17, 2003

More BlogWar Pictures

Jen has a nice picture of Glenn and Frank sharing a tender moment. She's at a loss as to what it means so perhaps you can help her.

Blackfive has more of Evil Minion (that would be me) at work. For the record I never get any of the cake at office birthday parties, they always run out just as it gets to me. And all the desk moving...

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September 15, 2003

Welcome War Sightseers

What, you may ask, is the Axis of Naughty?

Well it's a loosely federated group of superior bloggers who understand the value of an InstaPundit link. We have all set out our support for Glenn in a post on our blog. The blogroll listing on the Axis Headquarters page links directly to that statement of support. That's the only requirement for membership.

Beyond that we enjoy occasionally dishing out a little abuse to the frequently deserving Frank J.

Unlike the Alliance, we make no demands upon our members; there are no ritual sacrafices of small animals; and none of us has to pretend that we don't notice Franks monkey odors. The Axis doesn't spread filthy lies, we tell the truth - and when it comes to the Alliance, the truth hurts...

Also, unlike the Alliance, Blog War is strictly a hobby for Axis memebers not a profession. We've got serious blogging to do (well most of us anyway).

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September 13, 2003

Vacation Pictures

Jen was kind enough to forward this vacation picture she got from Frank J. Jen has more of Frank's (aka Ethel) vacation pictures here. Hover over the picture to see his message.

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September 12, 2003

Instapundo Delirio?

Or fearless leader has joined the alliance against himself! Has control of InstaPundit been seized by the enemy, or has the wind been taken out of their sails by this deviously conceived act? Well it doesn't much matter as the Axis of Naughty still supports Glenn and battles the forces of the Alliance on all turfs. We'll even defend Glenn against himself should he post filthy lies about himself.

Never fear Axis members, expect Frank to join the Axis of Naughty in retaliation.

Update: The Smarter Cop has the scoop on the backstory here. It's all so clear now!

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September 7, 2003

The Axis Of Naughty - Update

N.Z. Bear has challenged both sides in the great BlogWar to sponsor the New Weblog Showcase this week. Since the Axis of Naughty motto is "It's All About The Links" it's only natural that we accepted. The Alliance of Feeble Blogs is may never be coherent enough to respond. Read N.Z. Bear's challenge for the easy entry rules. TTLB is also tracking the links and traffic for both sides here. As you can see the Alliance of Feeble Blogs moniker fits the other side well.

How Do I Join The Axis Of Naughty?

Simple. Send a trackback to this post with a post of your own that indicates you are sided with InstaPundit. If you're on Blogger or a platform that does not automatically send trackbacks you can use the Stand Alone Trackback Pinger. If that is too complicated, just e-mail me a link to your post and I'll add you to the Axis list on the sidebar. All of the links on the the Axis of Naughty blogroll lead to posts of support for Glenn Reynolds. Bashing of the monkey boy and his minions is always encouraged, but to get listed you must pick a side.

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September 2, 2003

BJ And The Bear Remake

Dateline Hollywood - Glenn Reynolds and Frank J. The Chimp set to star in a big budget remake for Fox.

BJ And The Bear is the story of B.J. McCay (Glenn Reynolds) is a good-looking young trucker who travelers around the country in his big red and white rig, with a single companion, his chimp Bear (Frank J The Chimp). Although he logs a lot of miles, B.J. is based in rural Georgia, where he is confronted by a corrupt local sheriff Elroy P. Lobo and his two fellow lawmen, Sheriffs Cain and Masters.

The storyline from the TV series has been modernized and altered slightly in that the relationship between McCay and Bear is more complicated. Said Fox spokesman, "There's a father/son battle going on between BJ and Bear even as they are pursued by the police."

Early rumors from the set indicate that the surprise plot twist may involve the normally zany chimp turning on BJ and selling him out to the police for a crate of bananas. The pictures climax is said to be a confrontation leading to one of the characters demise. The outcome is still secret but since Fox has secured the services of Reynolds for the planned sequels, and not resigned Frank J The Chimp insiders suspect The Bear character is killed off. Insiders predict that BJ will end up solo or paired with a new partner in the sequels. Frank J, who has no other acting prospects, has been sent back to his cage at the Fresno petting zoo.

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August 27, 2003


Happy birthday to the fearless leader of the Axis, Glenn Reynolds. As a small token of our appreciation, we offer proof that Frank J. (now known as "Ethel") willingly supports the work of Michael Moore. Expect an endorsement for Howard Dean any day from Ethel. Just in case it changes, I've saved a screen capture from Ethel's blog:

Thanks to Victor for pointing this out.

Update: Spoons has a more serious suggestion as to how you might commemorate Glenn's birthday.

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August 26, 2003

Jay Strikes!

Jay Solo has the lowdown on Frank's minions via their "new" logo. Jay we know you are just itching to say the words... I SUPPORT GLENN!

There is much discussion about the name by which the forces of the linkmaster shall go by, expect a major announcement soon. Remember it's all about the links; choose the wrong side and you'll be sniffing monkey butt...

Update: I forgot the new InstaPundit coffee mug design by Kin available soon at finer stores.

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August 22, 2003

Oh Yeah?

Frank may have been a Communist early in his career as alleged. A quick look at his Frank's blog today reveals that much like Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin, he is a reformed Communist. Heck he even soldout the naming rights to his blog to NetFlix. Call him what you will, but the Commie label doesn't apply, anymore.

Update: Jen has an exlusive IM transcript with Frank.

Tim explains all the various factions positions in the Great Blog War.

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August 21, 2003

A Strike From The Northern Front

Michele fires another salvo at the leader of the monkey forces. Frank is reportedly cowering in a bunker, bemoaning his failure to beat Glenn for her support.

Don't worry Alliance followers, like Lance Armstrong, our string of consecutive victories will not lead to complacence. The Axis of Naughty is also scoring victories against Frank, Misha, and the rest of the Blogger Alliance monkey forces.

This is starting to look like a Penn State vs. Shippenberg State mismatch.

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August 19, 2003

The Axis of Naughty In The News

The forces of Frank J. Flagg take another hit from the one and only. This should convince Axis members that the should make a stand for Glenn. The Instalanche you miss may be your own.

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August 18, 2003

Join The Axis of Naughty

Sorry I got sidetracked...

Back to the more pressing matter at hand, the battle against Frank J. Flagg and his forces of evil.

More updates and a special IMAO blogroll page will be available this evening. If you're having trouble using trackback to show your support for InstaPundit, send me an e-mail and I'll add you to the Allegiance Alliance list in the sidebar. Everyone of those links leads you to a statement of support for Glenn. Who knows, maybe Glenn will be reading them?

Those battling the Fnrak empire have plans for wizardry and monkey business, so the enemy should be trembling in their boots.

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August 16, 2003

The Force Grows

In addition to my loyal devotion, the following upstanding citizens have publicly declared their allegiance to Glenn Reynolds


And now:

There are countless others as well, who should be honored as often as possible...

Everyone who has publicly publicly declared support for the becon of light and Instalanches will be listed here in a special blogroll that links to their post of support. To be listed you must trackback your post to this post... If you're on Blogger you can use the Trackback tool here. Click the Trackback link below to get the ID for this post.

Fight the forces of evil, support the one, the way, the light... Glenn

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The Stand

Having secured yet another great victory for the forces of truth, justice, and freedom; it is worth examining the enemy camp in dissary...

These two bulwarks of the blogosphere (Misha and Frank) are claiming the moral high ground in this battle. Even a cursory look at ther blogs reveals the dark forces lurking below. Both sites are cloaked in darkness, shadows, and vicious animals. I advise you to look closely for the mark of the beast, becase it is surely lurking there. For those of you who read or watched "The Stand" by Stephen King consider that your sudden urge to travel to Las Vegas is not a good sign. Frank J. is your Randall Flagg.

There's More! Read the rest of the story ?

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August 15, 2003

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated, The One And Only...

You've got such epic battles as:

Coke vs. Pepsi
Jay vs. Dave
Yankees vs. Mets

Add to that list:

Glenn vs. Frank

Wizbang always was and always will be in the camp of Professor Reynolds. I think these pictures sums up what happens to those who declare war on InstaPundit. It's a InstaFreeze...

*** Thanks to Rachael for awesome graphics work...

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August 12, 2003

How To Properly Blog War

Here are my tips:

  1. It helps to start with a sense of humor.

  2. Use humor as a weapon to bludgon the othere combatant into submission.

  3. Make gratuitous assertions backed up by nothing.

  4. When attacked if you are in the superior position mess with the other combatants blogroll link. I can help you out with this one...

  5. Lie, cheat, and steal

  6. If you are not directly involved taunt the participants.

So who gets it?
Who doesn't get it?
The Cardinal Rule Of Blog Waring

Always involve me.

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