Reality is Nemesis to Some


The Titanic grazed the fatal iceberg at 11:40 p.m. on April 14, creating what is now believed to be a series of punctures below the waterline. Many passengers were in bed at the time, and few survivors said they noticed anything more than a slight vibration if even that. When stewards eventually came knocking to rouse the passengers and suggest they get dressed and come on deck, it was the first hint most of them had that anything was wrong … There was no commotion, no panic and no one seemed to be particularly frightened”


People are remarkably blind to bad decisions which lead to catastrophic outcomes.  The account above reminds us that many of the victims of the Titanic disaster ignored many warning signs until it was far too late.


“The ship is riding majestically toward us like some great feather, riding as it was mighty, mighty proud of the place it’s playing in the world’s aviation. The ship is no doubt bustling with activities… It’s practically standing still now.”

Herbert Morrison spoke those words to his radio audience on May 6 1937, as the dirigible Hindenburg approached Lakehurst, New Jersey concluding an impressive Europe to America journey.

Just seconds later, the airship exploded.


And sometimes the disaster was predicted but warnings ignored.  The Times Picayune published a series of articles in 2002 warning readers that “It’s only a matter of time before south Louisiana takes a direct hit from a major hurricane

Three years later Hurricane Katrina did exactly that.


In 1924, General Billy Mitchell predicted Japan would start a war against the United States, and begin with surprise attacks against Pearl Harbor and the Phlippines.  Mitchell was court-martialed for trying to build an armed air force to defend Pearl Harbor, but was proven right 17 years later.


People often have a run-away attitude when confronted with warnings they are headed for trouble, so I guess we should not be surprised that so many Biden supporters and staffers insisted he was doing fine, mentally and physically:

“I’ve been knowing him for 30 years. I have met with him personally. I’ve met with him with two people, five people, 10 people. I have been on trips with him, crisscrossing the country, rebuilding America based on this incredible infrastructure bill that was passed. And I’m telling you, this guy is tough. He’s smart. He’s on his game”

  • Mitch Landrieu, co-chair for Biden’s Re-Election campaign, February 12, 2024

“The most difficult part about a meeting with President Biden is preparing for it because he is sharp, intensely probing and detail-oriented and focused”

  • Alejandro Mayorkis, DHS Secretary, also early February 2024 in ‘Meet the Press’

“Some NATO leaders have told me they were very surprised … the contrast between the image in the public and the Joe Biden behind closed doors because he is so sharp and he’s on top of everything.”

  • Joe Scarborough, July 14 2023

You get the idea.  And for all the efforts to pretend it was just one ‘bad night’, Joe Biden blew that claim into smithereens last Thursday.

The damage done is not just to Biden’s support among independents and the undecided voters, but also to those people selling the Democrats to the American voter as the best, most trustworthy party to provide sound leadership for the future of the nation.  The damage done to the economy, our border, our foreign policy and our industrial infrastructure now appears to be less a case of good intentions and bad luck, and more a case of self-serving lies and an attitude that Americans on average can go to hell for all the Democrats care.


To channel Billy Mays, though, wait there’s more.


Some screaming genius in the DNC decided it would be a good idea to weaponize the legal system to go after Trump, accusing him of every possible crime and bed behavior they could come up with, on the assumption that doing so would at least cost him a ton of money and bad publicity, and easily could dissolve his support and force him to drop out of the White House race.   Giddy plotters on the Left, along with cheerleaders like Liz Cheney and various members of the Bush family, fantasized Trump behind bars and in prison clothing.   And for a time, it appeared they might achieve some of those goals, as Trump lost civil cases to Red Queen prosecutors and biased juries, capped by the capering of Juan Merchan, who denied valid witness testimony, refused jury consideration, and decided Trump’s First, Fourth and Sixth Amendment rights did not exist in his courtroom.

But lately things have changed to a large degree.

First, Democrats in Colorado and Illinois tried to ban Trump from the ballot on a perverse spin of the 14th Amendment, but in March the US Supreme Court shot that down in a unanimous decision.

Then Judge Cannon in the documents case forced the prosecution to admit they not only moved and altered the documents they claimed Trump had at Mar-a-Lago, but also added cover sheets they brought along and used them for a staged photo op.  Additionally, GSA employees confirmed that several boxes of documents were sent to Mar-a-Lago without the request or knowledge of Trump or anyone in his staff, blurring even further the question of just what sort of documents Trump might reasonably be said to have held back from the Archives.

The Supreme Court then released a decision that the statute on financial documents used to inflate charges on January 6th protesters was misapplied as used, forcing hundreds of cases back to lower courts for re-review and in some cases automatically granting the appeal of defendants.  The ruling also bolstered Trump’s defense.

And as the news has blared for a couple days now, the Supreme Court has also confirmed that a President’s official acts have “presumptive’ immunity, which – following on Biden’s corpse-like debate performance – has Democrats, Trump haters and the moron-as-lifechoice demographic acting like the world is ending, when in fact it’s merely the predictable lemming charge from the cliff that some saw coming months ago.


And the election is not until November.

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