A funny thing happened in 2015.    A real estate estate mogul from NYC with a huge ego matched by a huge mouth decided to run for President of the United States.  By itself that’s just a blurb in the news, the kind usually followed a few weeks later with an update that the celebrity has ‘suspended’ his campaign and quit the race.  Certainly that’s what the field of candidates expected in the race to follow Obama with a Republican POTUS.

Instead, Donald Trump built on modest support and his name, and soon became a contender for the GOP nomination.   By the spring of 2016, Trump had gained command of the primary race, and in the end won the 2016 Presidential election.

Following Trump’s win, his enemies tried to figure out what happened.  Hillary Clinton blamed women, her party, really everybody but herself for losing, while Trump haters, then and now known as Never-Trumpers, claimed his win was an aberration, not to be taken seriously even as it became historical fact.  People who excoriate Trump for suggesting the 2020 election was not on the up and up should remember how Democrats denied the authenticity of Trump’s 2016 win both during the Electoral process and for years in the media.  The funny thing is how many of Trump’s enemies then and now ignored and still ignore his, um. ‘Trump Card’:


Trump, more than most, understands the value of branding, and Trump understood the last Republican President to be beloved coast-to-coast was Ronald Reagan.  Reagan was a former Democrat (like Trump), who hailed from a populous state (like Trump), with a reputation for charm and a suave personality (Trump, not so much) and a strong political resume (Trump not at all ).

So for Trump, the question was how to use Reagan’s brand to his own advantage without looking like a fool or hypocrite.

Enter MAGA.

It was Reagan who coined ‘Make America Great Again’, in response to Carter’s weak economic and foreign policies.   Trump recognized the same dissatisfaction by Americans with Obama’s policies, even though Obama was far more popular with Americans while President than was Carter.  What’s more, Trump realized that leading GOP candidates like Rubio and Bush were soft-pedaling criticism of Obama’s economic abandonment of American manufacturing, American influence abroad, and especially the US Hydrocarbon Industry.  Trump understood that this was his opportunity, and he re-coined ‘MAGA’ as a means to recall Reagan’s vision of American Primacy without such overt use that he could be contrasted with Reagan’s more-gregarious style.

Essentially, voters in thirty states agreed with Trump in 2016 to reset our national course according to Reaganist principles.  Trump simply claimed to be the captain following this new course, although he was not shy in expressing his confidence in his ability to get the job done.

After the Pandemic Panic hit in 2020, Joe Basement Biden was able to leverage media attacks on Trump to gain enough support in battle ground states to pull off a win that in many ways reeks of dirty tricks, but that conversation is for a different place and time.  Part of Trump’s loss comes from the Democrats being able to separate Trump from the MAGA vision in 2020.   Trump’s obsession with complaining about the election long after it was beyond reversal made him look unstable and out of touch with Americans.

For 2022 and most of 2023, it appeared the Trump Administration was over and finished, but the Biden Administration had other plans.

In a way it’s fascinating to see how poorly Joe Biden has handled his term.   The Panic over COVID was already receding when he took office, so that he didn’t have to do anything to look like he was managing the crisis well.  Instead, Biden played up fear over the virus in order to try building support for continued lockdowns and mandatory acceptance of the still-experimental COVID shots, for one obvious early fumble by Biden.

During Biden’s first full year in office, Inflation increased every month, real wages decreased two thirds of the year, job growth stalled, home heating costs rose 30% while gas for ICE vehicles rose by 49.6%, 1.8 million migrants illegally entered the country, and more Fentanyl was seized at the border than in the previous two years combined.

Biden’s second year was no better, with Inflation, Federal Debt and the Border crisis all growing worse than the first year.

The parade of blunders continued through 2023, as Biden continued to ignore the Border, weaponized federal agencies to attack conservatives, and blamed business for his economic disaster.  The Biden Administration also opened their campaign of Lawfare against Trump, hoping to smear Donald Trump in advance of the 2024 election season.

6 Big Failures of Biden’s Presidency

Then Joe Biden doubled down on stupid, attacking the MAGA demographic.

Biden attacked the tens of millions of Trump supporters, falsely claiming they were a ‘threat to Democracy’.   He actually started this pack of lies back in 2022,

but amped up the hate attacks as his DOJ and Democrat lawyers went after Trump on farcical claims.

Joe Biden directly linked MAGA to Trump, and in so doing he may have insured Trump will win the 2024 Election.

Here’s the thing.   ‘MAGA’ means Make America Great Again, which as I mentioned was a call-back to Reagan’s vision.   It was not specific to Trump when he first brought it up, but it worked to Trump’s advantage because none of the other Republican candidates jumped on it in 2016, although it faded after Trump left office.   I recall conversations among some of the MAGA crowd about possibly throwing their support to Governor DeSantis of Florida, as he seemed to be the most active in moving Reagan’s original vision forward in the early 20’s.

But DeSantis showed his clumsiness as a campaigner, and while I preferred DeSantis to Trump in the primaries (voted for him), he lacked the campaign savvy at the national level to win over the MAGA crowd, who – lacking any better home – returned to Trump last fall, partly because the Biden Administration was so blatantly attacking both Trump and the MAGA Demographic on false claims and accusations.

In 2008, Barack Obama beat John McCain, partly by portraying McCain as an honorable man who was just out of touch with what America needed.   He did that again with Romney in 2012.

It should be no surprise.   That strategy worked for Carter in 1976 against Ford, after all.   Democrats have long understood the value of making sure only their opponents appeared to take the low road (LBJ in 1964 being an obvious exception).  Biden has taken the low road by nature, and it’s costing him.

I admit that Joe Biden would have a hard time running for re-election on the merits of his accomplishments, but it’s his own fault for missing the opportunity to simply let things run smoothly as Trump left them,  But by tying MAGA to Trump, Biden has foolishly elevated Trump’s stature to Reagan’s lone successor, and by attacking the values of so many Americans, Joe Biden has confirmed that he is not only unqualified to lead America for another four years, but should be punished for deliberate damage done to her in his first term.

As for the MAGA movement, I believe the name may change but the ideal will continue.   I believe many Americans, regardless of age or race or sex or even voting history, are in favor of making our country better for the next generation, with better employment, more secure borders and laws enforced without political bias.  In short, the opposite of what the Democrats are selling this year, even though they somehow do not realize that truth themselves.










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