This Present Treason

The American Political Power structure has changed significantly within the last generation. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the major strategies at work, their purpose and goal, or what these strategies mean for the United States. This essay examines those particulars.

In essence, there are four major theaters of conflict:

Political Dominion
Economic Oligarchy
Intellectual Hegemony
Social Fascism

Let’s examine each one at a time.

Political Dominion means de facto control of all major political movements. In the United States, the Left has sought since 1964 to make all major decisions effectively irrelevant. Many pundits and even politicians have observed that the mainstream Republican and Democrat parties have become hard to distinguish from each other on an increasing number of issues, including deficit spending, taxation, border security, election integrity and military policy. In the last sixty years Democrats have controlled the White House for about half the time but have controlled the House of Representatives 38 years, the Senate 36 years. If liberal Republican power is included, then Statist control of the House grows to 54 of the last 60 years and pretty mush all sixty of the last sixty years in the Senate.

Economic Oligarchy means the dilution of private property and wage growth among the average worker, thereby preventing class mobility and keeping the ultra-rich in power. It includes consolidation of major industries and technologies which drive national economies. One of the major reasons for Biden’s flood of aliens into the United States, is to create a near-permanent underclass which lacks knowledge of the host country’s culture, not even its language, which lacks the skills or personal connections needed to advance in an economic community, and which will, at least for the first generation, consider itself alone among hostile neighbors. This would create an underclass of between 30 and 50 million unskilled residents in the United States, with little to no hope of changing their own estate for the better, save for the largess of government.

Intellectual Hegemony means seizing control of education at all levels but especially in collegiate Education programs and hijacking Science to advance garbage theories like Modern Monetary Theory or Carbon Credits to address the “threat” of Climate Change. A rising number of cases where data has been manipulated or academic peer review has been coerced have been observed, yet the gatekeepers of academic journals have for the most part abandoned their post in hopes of job security.

Social Fascism means driving public opinion to accept broad government control of public opinion, e.g. the ‘Nanny State’ which controls media influence and social initiatives cradle-to-grave. Notably, recent uses of this influence include proposals justifying euthanasia in the name of climate control and social equity. Note how the Coronavirus outbreak was used to excuse forced shutdowns of private business, and mandatory imposition of unproven vaccines went into effect worldwide. Note how masks were required, even after the masks most commonly used were shown to be useless in stopping the spread of viruses, even after studies proved that imposition of mask mandates did not improve resistance to the virus, even after studies showed that mask mandates were dangerous for children and the elderly, who were supposed to be the demographics best protected by the government’s efforts. We now know that the intent of the NIH and WHO was anything but to protect the children and the old.

A simple comparison between America and the West during the Kennedy Administration and now shows how the Statist conspiracy has advanced on the four fronts. One might easily despair, seeing how corruption has gained control and power in all these areas. Far too many elected officials have soiled the integrity of their oath, in rank treachery and treason against the principle on which our nation was founded. Far too many now run for office seeking nothing better than personal wealth and power, and inclusion in a club of elitists with no concern for the citizens who trusted them with their office.

But History shows that tyranny provokes resistance, and eventually people reach a point where they fight back at whatever cost is required to set things right. What is needed is Leadership worthy of those fighters when they are tested by crisis.

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