Tucker Carlson No Longer with Fox

The world of cable news was rocked today with the announcement that Fox’s top-rated Tucker Carlson is no longer with the network. No explanation was given for this surprising move. Of course, this shocking news comes one week after Fox’s Dominion lawsuit settlement. Of course, given the absence of an explanation, we cannot say at this point whether the two are related.

If this move is an attempt to walk back Fox’s perceived conservative slant with respect to its political shows, it will only result in its conservative base moving elsewhere. There are plenty of liberal networks in circulation; we don’t need another one which caters to the expectations of the Left. Limbaugh said it well. The mainstream media is not our friend, and the day we kowtow to them in order to win their approval, we’ve signed our death warrant. We are in a monumental conflict whether we like it or not. Fox became popular because it was willing to provide a venue for ideas which needed to be aired. If they’ve decided to back away from that, the public will take their patronage elsewhere.

I wish Carlson well. Wherever he lands, I’m certain his audience will follow.

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