Winners Weekend Caption Contest™ Week of September 30, 2022

This week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ featured a photo of bubbles in water. So, of course, you all came up with almost 400 captions.

The assignment this week was to caption the following picture:

Here are the winning entries:

1) (McGeehee) – “The submarine crew didn’t think the screen door was so funny.” AND (Tom Morrow) – “VP “Token” Harris: “I just wanted to take a stroll on the deck. So I opened the door.”
Ship captain: “It was a submerged submarine!”

(guido81_MA) – “Joe Biden will say that we won’t have these problems if we just build electric pipelines.

(RockThisTown) – “Pictured here is DeSantis transporting Hurricane Ian to Martha’s Vineyard.

2) (EricSteel) – “I love the smell of methane in the morning.

(Porkopolis) – “Terror Strikes White House as Gaslight Pipeline is Damaged.

(Joe_Miller) – “C’mon, there’s no reason the Enterprise can’t operate underwater.

3) (Mary Gehman) – “Pining for the Nord (Stream)???

(RadiCalMan) – “Vladmir Putin is farting in Europe’s general direction, Macron is a hamster and the EU smells of elderberries!

(Dusty Pitts) – “Satellite view of the Democrats’ chances this November.

4)(yetanotherjohn) – “Das poot

(Mike) – “The lifeboat went down here, Captain. You know it’s “women and children first”, right?
This one had Lizzo, Stacey Abrams, Chrissy Metz and a “Honey Boo Boo”.

(rodney dill) – “Hillary: “CANNONBALL!”

5) (BluesHarper) – “If a bomb explodes in the ocean, and there’s no one around to hear it, is it still Trump’s fault?

(Paul Hooson) – ““Well, just a few locusts more and I think we are officially in a plague”.

6) (cathymv) – “Hillary!! Stop jumping in the ocean!!!

(Brian Brandt) – “Schadenfreude. It gives one such a warm feeling.

(ulley) – “Rare flatulence cloud spotted in the pacific

The Readers Choice Award this week goes to:

(sarahconnor21) – “Oh wow. Hank Johnson was RIGHT!?

Most Inappropriate But Funny:

(Rick Adams) – ““Burst Pipelines in Baltic Sea May Be Largest Methane Leak Ever” — headline

“Hold my beer.” –Eric Swalwell

Best Use of the Biden Caption of Choice (A Laugh and/or A Gaffe):

(Retired military) – “With Hurricane IAN doing an estimated $10B in damage it is still on track to be less harmful to the economy than Joe Biden during the same time period

Best use of the MAGA Caption of Choice:

(yetanotherjohn) – “Gaia speaks and the matter is not up for debate … Hillary well never be president.

Best Banter Weight:

(Dusty Pitts) – “Augenbleiche, schnell!!

Best Kamala:

(Kaptain Krude) – ““So we threw Kamala into the sea like you suggested, and she did something that we never expected. Yes, ma’am, we thought of that, and we took steps to prevent that from happening. Well, we heard about her prodigious ability to suck, but we thought it was overrated. No, ma’am, I didn’t mean it that way. Well, when we heard that she could suck a golf ball through a rubber tube, we thought that by confiscating the rubber tube would prevent…. Yes, Ms. Hillary, I’ll hold…”

Best reference to a previous caption contest”:

(Mary Gehman) – “This body of water has a bigger head on it than last week’s beer mug…

That’s all for today. A new edition of the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ will debut Friday morning.

Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™
Weekend Caption Contrast™ Week of September 30, 2022