Winners of the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ Week of September 2, 2022

This week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ is brought to us by the WTHIsThisKindofSpeechinAmerica lecture brought to us by the current POTUS. The Democrat messaging in the run up and aftermath of this speech appalled me. I never thought I would see an American POTUS and his comrades announce that anyone who does not agree with them is “an extremist”, a “semi-fascist”, and a “domestic terrorist”. I know my history and this ain’t good.

I thought EricSteel’s quote best summed it up:
If you ever wondered, how the German people let the holocaust happen? Look around today. In his speech last night, if Joe Biden had announced that he was ordering the US military to round up Trump and anyone who follows him, with deadly force if necessary. Does anyone think that the majority of the Democratic party would be against it?

Pray for our country.

The assignment this week was to caption the following picture:

Here are the winning entries:

1) (Retired military) – “Just a little mustache short of going full Hitler

(Dusty Pitts) – ““Wir mussen schlag der schmutzig MAGA vor sie shlagen uns! Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Trunalimunumaprzure!”

2) (Mike) –

(Joe_Miller) – “Next he’s off to open the Ark of the Covenant.

3) (2klbofun) – “It sounded much better in the original German.

(Vagabond661) – “Amerika

4)(Porkopolis) – “🎵
…Joey your and old man, sad man
Pleading with your eyes, gonna pee in your pants some someday
You got blood on your hands, big disgrace
Somebody better put you back into your place

(KaptainKrude) – “Today is the end of the Republic. The end of a regime that acquiesces to disorder. At this very moment in a system far from here, the New Republic lies to the galaxy while secretly supporting the treachery of the rogues of the Resistance. This fierce machine which you have built, upon which we stand will bring an end to the Senate, to their cherished fleet. All remaining systems will bow to the First Order and will remember this as the last day of the Republic!

5) (patriciamcc) – “And now an aria from Don Giovanni; Don Juan descends into Hell where he belongs.


6) (RockThisTown) – “Fiery but mostly unifying.

(RadiCalMan) – “Just call me “Darth Brandon”!

The Readers Choice Award this week goes to:

(RickAdams) – “The last time I watched a speech like this it was in German.

Most Inappropriate But Funny:

(Brian Brandt) – “El Douche.

Best reference to a previous caption contest:

(yetanotherjohn) – “You mean the giant penis warmer?

Best use of the MAGA Caption of Choice: (Sort of…)

(cathymv) – “At this point… maybe Hillary might not have been that bad…..

Best Banter Weight:

(Par4Course) – “Fact check: Not comparable – Hitler had a mustache.

Best Kamala:

(Mary Gehman) – ““Who do I have to blow around here for a hammer and a sickle…”

Best Song Parody:


Please allow me to introduce myself
I’m a man of ill-gotten wealth and taste
I’ve been around for a long, long years
Stole million man’s soul an faith

And I was underground while MAGA Trump
Won a majority of electoral states
Made damn sure that the DOJ & the media
Altered the results and narratives to seal his fate

Pleased to meet you
Umm, I forgot my name
But what I’m here to do
Is to rant and blame

I shouted out
MAGA people kill democracy
When after all
It is really me

Let me please introduce myself
I’m a man whose son smokes crack
And I patronize all the minorities
Who if they don’t vote for me, they ain’t black

That’s all for today. A new edition of the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ will debut Friday morning.

Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™
Weekend Caption Contest™ Week of September 2, 2022