Early Voting in Georgia Primary Sets New Turnout Records

Democrats, Washington Cartel, and Never Trumpers Hardest Hit

Like most LSM narratives the “‘election security measures’ = ‘minority voter suppression'” tend to fall apart under rational scrutiny with cross reference to the actual facts of the matter. Case in point, Georgia.

Record Early Voting in Georgia as Major Primary Race Takes Place Next Week

By sundance, theConservativeTreehouse.com

The early voting in Georgia is breaking all state records.  According to the GA secretary of state office statement yesterday, “through Wednesday, May 19th, over 565,000 people have early voted in Georgia—a 189% increase from the same point in the early voting period in the 2018 primary election and a 153% increase in the same point in the early voting period in the 2020 primary election.  This represents a voting scale 3x the rate of the 2018 mid-term election.

Obviously, Georgia voters are enthusiastic to vote in this primary.  The GA SoS reports party votes as, “Republican: 353,161 [62%], Democrat: 258,200 [46%], Nonpartisan: 4,017 [0.7%]” through May 18th.  Yes, republican voters are far outpacing democrat early voters, but that shouldn’t be too surprising given the top of the ticket on the Democrat ballot is an uncontested primary race to install Stacey Abrams as the 2022 Democrat governor candidate.

Despite being in an uncontested race, the team behind Stacey Abrams is working hard to drive out their voter base.  As the Washington Post noted, Abram’s group ‘The New Georgia Project’, is working diligently to help Georgia Democrats make the right ballot selections.  Additionally, another allied group called ‘Black Voters Matter’, is using the ‘Souls to the Polls‘ strategy to make sure black voters get the primary outcome that matters most to them.

Indeed, here in Valdosta (Lowndes County, South Georgia) early voting has been brisk and campaign signs for the various Republican primary candidates abound. Meanwhile the only signs from ‘Black Voters Matter’ are found at the relatively urban small churches…


Against all of this extra emphasis on early voting success in Georgia there is a weird dynamic on the Republican side of the equation. According to most general reporting from the media, there is a lot of enthusiasm on the GOP ballot to keep Brian Kemp as governor; however, oddly enough, it seems like Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is being positioned for defeat. At least that’s the perspective of Politico and other similarly minded media.

Then again those media outlets are strangely silent on the results of the Georgia State Republican Convention where Brian Kemp narrowly avoided a vote of Censure, and where Raffensperger was Censured.


The MSM political perspective is that republican Brian Kemp will easily win the primary for governor, but Brad Raffensperger will lose a primary challenge to republican Jody Hice, a Trump endorsement.   It would certainly be unusual for a Trump endorsed top of ticket candidate David Perdue to lose, and the Trump endorsed office on the next line to win – but that’s the general narrative and they are sticking to it.

The Trump-endorsed David Perdue camp is hoping to keep establishment Governor Brian Kemp under 50% and force a run-off special election.   However, the Trump-endorsed Jody Hice camp is looking for an outright victory in their secretary of state race.  Funny that.

The Republican grass roots are not best pleased with Kemp, and show utter contempt for Raffensperger.  I expect Belle Isle to emerge as the nominee for Secretary of State and for the nomination for Governor to go to a run off.

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