How The Cheat Was Accomplished

Back in April of 2021 I opined that the Media Narrative was not moving the opinion of the electorate as to the [lack] of legitimacy of the 2020 Federal Election.

Our ever reliable contra indicator was quick to reply:

The notion of limiting ballot drop boxes and other rules specially written to make it more difficult for POC to vote is no good strategy going ahead for Republicans to win future elections. This only alienates making inroads among POC voters. In a state like Georgia, maybe limiting who can vote might win elections for two to four years for Republicans, but risks losing every election after that.

First, the notion that the intent of such voter laws was to “… make it more difficult for POC to vote” is the reddest of red herrings.  The explicit intent of these voter laws was to make it more difficult to cheat.

Second, and to the point of this article, we now have proof that those ballot drop boxes were the essential tool used by the enemies of democracy to steal the Election of 2020.

2000 Mules

The suppression of this video and links to it, commentary on it other than negative ones, is clear evidence of just how much the LSM and Big Data fear this documentary.

Interesting, Dinesh D’Souza Claims Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Forbid Mention of 2000 Mule Documentary During Interview with Vote Fraud Expert

May 9, 2022 | sundance | The Conservative TreeHouse

On May 5th, Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed Catherine Englebrecht from True the Vote (TTV) and discussed a massive ballot harvesting scheme in the 2020 election. The work done by Englebrecht formed the basis for a documentary by Dinesh D’Souza that outlines the 2020 election fraud and how it was done using ballot mules.

We noted at the time of the interview, it seemed odd that neither Tucker Carlson nor Catherine Englebrecht would mention the documentary movie “2000 Mules” that was premiering during the week of the interview. It all seemed rather curious. Well, now Dinesh D’Souza is stating that Tucker Carlson and his team specifically instructed Catherine Englebrecht not to mention the movie.

I encourage everyone to watch this documentary. And if you wish to comment in the comment thread below, I will insist upon it. The embedded link works and is free as of publication time and date.
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