Winners Weekend Caption Contest, August 6, 2021

This week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ features two stalwarts of the Democrat party. And you wondered how they would ever replace Teddy Kennedy. Enough said.

The assignment this week was to caption the following picture:

Here are the winning entries:

1) (EricSteel) – “The other kind of #MeToo

(Mary Gehman) – “…those folks in the nursing homes are NOT dead…they are ‘Cuomo-tose’…

2) (Retired military) – “BIden “So I’m 46?”

Cuomo “No you are the 46th President”

Biden “I’m President?”

Cuomo “Well not really”

(2klbofun) – “Perv and Perver

3) (Mike) – “If you could find your way to buy one of Hunter’s $500,000 paintings, I might be able to find you a presidential pardon!

(Porkopolis) – “Creep-o-palooza

4)(fustian24) – “Pervs of a feather flock together.
AND (Brett Buck) – “Turds of a feather flock together!

(RadiCalMan) – “Andy, guess what side of the bus you’re gonna’ see… The shiny side, the cushy interior, or the undersides!

5) (cathymv) – “Comparing death counts….. knowing that Hillary will still have more than the two of them together.

(Joe_Miller) – “You need a camera with a fast shutter speed to capture both of these guys without their hands on somebody else.

6) (Vagabond661) – “Do you think Wizbang will ever post content again?

Sure, right after you close the border.

(RockThisTown) – “The meeting of Guys Who Will Never Be Legitimately Elected President will now come to order.

The Readers Choice Award this week goes to:

(Rick Adams) – “Alien vs. Predator

Most Inappropriate But Funny:

(Everyone) – Pick a caption.

Best Use of the Biden Caption of Choice (A Laugh and/or A Gaffe):

(Paul Hooson) – “Biden: “What does your dad, Perry Como, think?”.

Best use of the MAGA Caption of Choice:

(McGeehee) – ““Andy, you have a lot in common with Hillary.”

“Except I will be president someday.”


Best Banter Weight:

(rodney dill) – “Clinton’s morality is multiplied by the square root of negative one.

Best Kamala:

(KaptainKrude) – ““So she says, who I have to blow to get to be Vice President? And you know what I told her?”
I don’t know, Joe, what did you tell her?
“Trumnalimunumaprzure! Ha ha ha ha! Isn’t that funny?”
Yeah, Joe. Very funny.

Best reference to a previous caption contest:

(yetanotherjohn) – “How about you and I split a six pack of Scottish dancers?

That’s all for today. A new edition of the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ will debut Friday morning.

Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™
Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™