The Dead Republic

I am usually an optimist, but the events of the past year have certainly been grim, with the past month absolutely horrid. It serves no purpose to dwell overlong on the state and local governments’ overreach in COVID shutdowns of businesses, the riots in the Northwest and Rust Belt which were not only ignored by Democrats but supported and encouraged to heighten chaos and outrage by minorities, and the climax of the Left’s jihad against President Trump, sometimes assisted unwittingly by the President’s own words and behavior. What matters here is to comprehend the net effect of all these things and what we should expect next.

The short version is that the long-feared second civil war in America is underway, and we are losing.

Consider the history of US since Democrats came to power in 1933. Social Security and Medicare installed, Abortion not only made legal nationwide but federally funded and now considered a ‘protected right’. US History perverted to attack traditional heroes and ideals, replaced with versions promoting Socialism and groupthink. Media … well, it’s scary to realize how well Orwell predicted the future.

As for the Republican party, defender of the Bill of Rights and limited government? Well, the Supreme Court has ruled that the police have no legal obligation to protect you, we learned during 2020 that your First Amendment right to attend church could be suspended by the state, the Supreme Court also ruled that government could force you to buy health insurance, the government can seize your car and anything in it without due process, and election fraud is not going to get a serious look from courts if the judge doesn’t like one of the candidates.

That’s just some of the crap we get. And the GOP has done nothing to stop it.

So yesterday, a lot of Trump supporters gathered in Washington, D.C. to rally for the President. And they marched to the Capitol, at which point some of them broke through the police lines and forced their way into the Capitol building. Let me be clear here that I do not support breaking the law as this group did, and those who get prosecuted have no one to blame but themselves for their troubles.

But with that said, video shows that most of the rally attendees never tried to break into the Capitol, and those who did carried no weapons. It’s this distinction which should make you angry about the next part.

Media universally condemned the entry into the Capitol. The unarmed crowd was called ‘terrorist’ and their actions a ‘siege’. The FBI announced today that they have launched an intense investigation, with the intention of pressing charges wherever possible against the intruders. While I have already said that the intruders are responsible for their own troubles, compare that to, for example, the Portland CHOP siege and the Minneapolis and Atlanta riots. The ‘protesters’ in those events deliberately destroyed property, cars and buildings and hurt many people, including killing some … but to this date the FBI has shown no interest in pursuing those culprits.

You read that right – trespassing while unarmed if you are a Trump supporter is considered worthy of massive federal action, while actual armed assault and massive destruction and harm gets no federal attention if you are a Progressive.

That’s where we are today. But even that is not what bothers me the most.

Most of the rally attendees, I observed, did nothing wrong, but have been villainized by the Media and Democrats, and also by leading Republicans. Yes, Republican politicians are insulting and attacking Republicans, apparently hoping to convince the Democrats that they will be good sheep under President Biden’s leadership.

There is even talk that Republicans might support yet another Democrat impeachment of President Trump, blaming him for the intrusion even though he never called for violence and repeatedly told the protesters to cooperate with police and stay peaceful.

Aside from whatever you think of Trump, think about that for a minute. Literally millions of Conservatives are outraged by the apparent theft of the election, and the obvious refusal by many Republicans to demand a real investigation. Millions of Americans are outraged by the endless shutdowns and increasing overreach of government, denying citizens their rights for no better reason than the whim of politicians. Politicians, by the way, who have – none of them – let go even one member of their staff or given up even one paycheck to show they understand the suffering of the ordinary people.

We are at war with our elected officials, and we have been losing that war for a generation or more.

And blaming the people for getting angry with government tyranny is not a good way to calm that anger.

While the people who broke into government buildings committed crimes for which they must be responsible, the anger driving the rally was and is real and justified, and denying the issues and insulting people for their anger is only pouring gasoline onto that fire.

This is going to get much worse.

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