Election 2020; The Big Steal [Update]

Here is an excellent summary of the evidence that Election 2020 was the Big Steal.

Peter Navarro’s report is must-reading to understand the election

By Andrea Widburg, the American Thinker

Peter Navarro is the Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy.  He’s also someone with a clear, logical mind and a gift for distilling the narrative essence of complicated, disparate facts emerging from the six contested states in this election.  The 30-page report, plus six pages of supporting footnotes, sets out the six different kinds of fraud and explains how they appeared in each state.  It then concludes that, especially given Biden’s narrow margin of victory in the contested states, removing the fraudulent votes gives Trump an overwhelming victory and a clear Electoral College win.

The report, entitled “The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities,” is here.  The factual discussion can be boiled down to this chart, which lists the different types of irregularities, shows in which states they are known to have occurred, and shows how the fraud vastly exceeds Biden’s alleged “victory” margin:

Many of us are familiar with each of these claimed frauds, but I can guarantee you that none of us has seen them stated with such narrative clarity.  The report ties together every aspect of the fraudulent election without confusing the reader or overwhelming him with facts.

This is the summary of the evidence the dhimmocrats, their press credentialed operatives, and their Big Tech don’t want you to know about, and which they deny exists.

[Update]  How big a steal?

Commenter vagabond661 pointed me to this down in the comments:

REVEALED: ‘Simple Math’ Shows Biden Claims 13 MILLION More Votes Than There Were Eligible Voters Who Voted in 2020 Election

By Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit

Using the numbers as of today, which are materially similar to Binney’s, we find a huge issue.  If we have 213.8 million registered voters in the US and 66.2% of all voters voted in the 2020 election, that equals 141.5 voters who voted in the 2020 election (Binney shows 140 million which is materially the same).

If President Trump won 74 million votes, then that leaves only 67.5 million votes remaining for Biden.  This means 13 million duplicate or made up ballots were created and counted for Biden!

This also supports our observations from the start.  Biden committed fraud in every imaginable way, but the big steal was in millions of fraudulent votes that were created to steal the election for Biden.  MILLIONS!

I’ll offer a few quibbles.

First, the argument proceeds from the WashingtonComPost report of record turnout (66.2%) for election 2020.

Let’s run the numbers the other way.

Trump popular vote total: 74,000,000

QuidProJoe claimed total: 80,000,000

Calculated votes cast: 154,000,000

Total Registered Voters in the United States: 213,799,467

Calculated voter turnout: 72%

Pull the other one, it has bells on it.

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