Here’s Some News You Probably Have Not Heard

Since the DWB and DHT don’t want you to see it.

The fight over election certification is heating up.  After their public hearings the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has concluded their election was invalid

Pennsylvania State Legislature Files Resolution to Dispute Statewide 2020 Election Results…

By sundance, the Conservative Treehouse

With mounting evidence of election fraud now visible, members of the Pennsylvania legislature have drafted a joint resolution [SEE HERE] to overturn election results, reverse the previous state certification, and the sponsors promise they will take it to the Supreme Court if necessary.

It probably will be necessary to take it too the Supreme Court since the House is in the hands of the enemy.  But wait, there’s more.

Renowned Data and Cyber-Crimes Expert Concludes 2020 Election Results Were Fraudulent…

By sundance, the Conservative Treehouse

Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia, is an experienced cybercrimes investigator and digital security executive, who has worked with the CIA, NSA, FBI, and U.S. military counterintelligence. In addition to his work with U.S. intelligence agencies Dr. Keshavarz-Nia works on cyber security and fraud with financial giants like Deutsche Bank and Stripe.

Within the documents filed by Sidney Powell in Georgia Wednesday, Dr. Keshavarz-Nia shares this bombshell assessment in his affidavit.  Ms. Powell has some high-powered experts in support of her court filings.  [pdf link here]

Sworn under penalty of perjury.

Ironically, if the polling had been accurate and had the dhimmocrats not fallen for their own narrative, they might have been able to bury the cheat deep enough to prevent timely identification of it.  Instead they wound up having to improvise on election night and left enough evidence to get them hanged.

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