Why Democrats Should Hope Trump Pulls Out The Win

A billboard that reads “Democrats for Trump” is visible along the 5700 block of Ridge Avenue in Philadelphia, Pa. on September 16, 2020. The political disclaimer says it was paid for by the 21st Ward GOP but the ward leader there says he knows nothing about it.

On one level, these are good days for Democrats. Joe Biden appears to be just a step away from winning the White House, Democrats continue to control the House, and progressives everywhere are celebrating the anxiety they are sure is afflicting Trump right now.

But that could be a very pyrrhic victory, if they get that.

There is really no doubt, regardless of whether it can be proven, that the Democrats used ballot harvesting, media propaganda on a massive scale, and old-school thuggery in places like Detroit and Philly to make sure they stole those states. The Democrats don’t care how it looks to board up windows and eject certified observers, they don’t care if their Antifa mobs destroy buildings and their Blue State governors and Blue City mayors kill jobs in order to sell fear. They want power and will do anything to get it and keep it.

The Republicans are well known for weak spines and refusing to help their constituents unless they personally gain from it or their job is in danger. But every so often the voters send a message through anger.

Remember the 1994 and 2010 midterms?

When Democrats get too arrogant, too proud, too extreme, there is a push back from voters. And we all know that Biden ran on a campaign of pure ‘Orange Man Bad’. What happens when Trump is gone and people get a good hard look at Biden’s work, at Harris’ plans, and compare them with what the nation needs.

A nationwide shutdown would be incredibly stupid and destructive, but Biden has already promised one.

Attacking the Oil & Gas industry, and banning Fracking would also be stunningly short-sighted and suicidal, yet – despite his protests since the second debate – Biden has repeatedly named that as his plan.

Look at Pelosi in the House, Schumer in the Senate, and all the rest of the Democrats’ leading lights, like AOC. Anyone see a single moderate voice of any prominence?
What do you think will happen when the nation sees Biden’s policies without excuses or deflection about Trump?

2022 and 2024 could be catastrophic for Democrats, especially if the Republicans find a candidate who shares Trump’s willingness to fight but also has better charisma.
But if Trump wins re-election, things are very different.

The Democrats control the House, so a lot of what Trump wants to do would be stymied by the Democrats in the House, and the President’s habit of Tweeting more often than he brushes his teeth would provide an endless source of inspiration and energy for their arguments. Any bad event or policy would be laid at the feet of the President, even if the action was by a Democrat, just as has happened since 2018.

Trump would continue to be the face of the Republican Party, and would lead the GOP into 2022 as a controversial President who may or may not have deserved his second term. Certainly Democrats would play that up for their base in 2022 and 2024, no matter who the Republicans presented for the various offices.

So as counter-intuitive as it seems, maybe Democrats should hope Trump is able to stay in the White House for a second term. It my be their best opportunity for medium-term gains.

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