Bidens Accepted $5,000,000 Interest Free “Loan” From China

The evidence of Biden corruptions continues to build.

New: Joe Biden and Family Now Caught Up in Multi-Million Dollar Chinese Loan Scandal

By Bonchie, Red State

Yet, things continue to get worse. The latest news shows that Joe Biden and company were doing exactly what the rabid left have been accusing Trump of all these years. Namely, they were in hock to the Chinese via extremely sketchy and large loans.


That sure sounds like money laundering. The money goes to an LLC in Joe Biden’s home state where the money is then passed through to Hunter Biden. Connect that to the other emails stating that Joe Biden was getting a cut of the proceeds and this starts to look really, really bad.

For those keeping score from home (since the MSM and Big Tech are suppressing all this) that’s four pay to play schemes in the millions of dollars, so far.

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