This Is A BFD, As Hidin Biden Would Say

It seems there is a reason both the MSM and Big Tech have gone all in to bury the Biden’s pay for play machinations.  If RedState is correct, their complicit.

How the Fake News Media Lied & Covered Up Their Own Reporting to Save Biden’s Bacon & Burn Trump’s Behind When the News About Burisma Broke

By Michael Thau, RedState

Back when the news of Trump’s request that Ukraine’s president look into Biden’s efforts to get their lead prosecutor fired, I did a story laying out the unbelievably shameless deceptions the fake news media was engaging in. Apart from the usual conspiraratorial lying, they went as far as to cover up their own prior reporting on the subject. Now that the Enemy of the People is once again working overtime to bury news about Joe and Hunter Biden’s lucrative life of crime, I thought it was a good time to present a revised version to keep our readers up to speed on some of the despicable tricks the media pulled when it all started last year. “Know your enemy,” as the saying goes.

No one disputes that, as Obama’s Vice President, Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees from Ukraine unless the state replaced its lead prosecutor, Viktor Shokin with someone more to his liking.

It can’t be disputed since Biden couldn’t resist bragging about it on camera.

No doubt our resident apologist will be along, so read the whole thing and decide for yourself.  As Hidin Biden himself would say, this is indeed a BFD.

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