Mostly Peaceful Murder Suspect Dies In Gun Battle With LEO

Well, the inter-state nature of the domestic terrorists known as ANTIFA has been further demonstrated.  The man who shot Aaron “Jay” Danielson resisted the attempt of a fugitive task force [U. S. Marshall service?] to arrest him and was killed in the resulting shoot out.

Antifa Activist, Suspected of Murder, Killed During Shoot-Out With Task Force Attempting Arrest…

By sundance, The Conservative Treehouse

Antifa activist Michael Reinoehl (pictured left – white T-shirt) was killed during a shoot-out with “a fugitive task force” attempting to arrest him for the suspected murder of Aaron “Jay” Danielson.

According to the New York Times an arrest warrant was issued for Reinoehl on Thursday and when police moved-in to make the arrest Reinoehl was killed during an exchange of gunfire with police.

The shootout was in Tanglewild Washington.  No word on any officer or bystander casualties, though the suspected domestic terrorist and murderer reportedly fired between forty and fifty shots at the LEO’s attempting to arrest him.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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