Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners Week of August 21, 2020

This week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ once again features that wacky couple from hell. No, not the Clintons. The other couple. No, not the Obamas…

The assignment this week was to caption the following picture:

Here are the winning entries:

1) (EricSteel) – “Joe puts the Dem in dementia

(Mary Gehman) – ““Come to papa, you throbbing mattress kitten…”

2) (Joe_Miller) – “Kamala’s at a real disadvantage if she can’t get any closer than this.

(Brian Brandt) – “Joe and Kamala, sitting in a tree,

3) (Porkopolis) – “Leading by example, the Democrat candidates show they care about the environment:

Joe recycles Bernie’s socialism and Kamala recycles Hillary’s pantsuits.

(cathymv) – “If you like your President, you can keep your President!!

4)(Mike) – “200% more American flags than all the Democrat debates combined!

(yetanotherjohn) – “Apparently Joe is remembering some of the things Kamala said about him during the primary.

5) (Paul Hooson) – “BIDEN: A HANDS ON PRESIDENT!

(RockThisTown) – “A guy who crept his way to the top & a gal who slept her way to the top.

6) (RadiCalMan) – “Hi Jill, WOW you’ve really been working on that tan!

(Debra Oehlberg) – “Can you feel the love tonight?

The Readers Choice Award this week goes to:

(Rick Adams) – “The really great thing about Alzheimer’s is you get to meet a lot of new friends every day.

Most Inappropriate But Funny:

(BluesHarper) – “You can have your Kamala and eat it too.

Best use of the Trump Administration Caption of Choice:

(fustian24) – “She has one feature,
Better than the one before.
Actual ankles.

Best Banter Weight:

(rodney dill) – “In the end the campaign momentum disintegrated after being sued by Howard Johnsons.

Best “Who Do I Have to Blow…”:

(retired military) – “Biden “Who do I have to blow around here to get someone to tell me what this lady’s name is and why does she want to hug me?”

Best Haiku:

(fustian24) – “Biden is a crook.
Kamala does her best work,
Mostly on her back.

That’s all for today. A new edition of the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ will debut Friday morning.

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