Durham Makes An Offer Clinesmith Cannot Refuse

This appears to be the first piece of actual prosecution of the seventeen angry dhimmocratic lawyers, and is undoubtedly the “development” that Attorney General Barr referenced this morning.

BREAKING: FBI Attorney Clinesmith Guilty Plea Suggests Durham Has Broad Set of “Targets”

By Shipwreckedcrew, Red State

What we know at this point is what has bee[n] reported in the press.  That information is based on a leak, and that leak is coming from Clin[e]smith’s attorneys.  So you have to accept and account for the “spin” they give to their client’s position and his decision to plead guilty.  The following is “spin”:

“…but there is no evidence showing a broader conspiracy to undermine the candidacy of U.S. President Donald Trump, the New York Times reported on Friday.”

This should more accurately read:

“Clinesmith’s attorneys have not been provided with evidence that there is a broader conspiracy….”

Once we see the actual court filings we will have a better idea of the prosecutions that U. S. Attorney Durham is pursuing.

The DoJ Investigator General’s December of 2019 report on FIS abuse included a criminal referral against Clinesmith and clearly explained how his forgery was a key to enabling the fraudulent FISA warrant against Carter Page when he was an identified friendly source for the CIA (thus NOT an agent of a foreign power).

The next few weeks should prove very interesting.

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