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It’s Worse Than We Thought – DNI Ratcliffe Declassifies “Annex A” The Supportive Documents For 2017 Intel Community Assessment…

By sundance, the Conservative Treehouse

DNI John Ratcliffe has declassified the Appendix to the 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA). [Source Document Here] The appendix known as “Annex A” was the material the FBI and CIA did not include in the body of the ICA; however, it was used to brief congress.  [NOTE: the document quality/clarity is very poor as released]

There was always suspicion that “Annex A” was the ridiculous claims by FBI source Christopher Steele; those suspicions are confirmed today.  The ICA was written in late December ’16 & early January 2017, and the purpose was to politicize intelligence by making outlandish claims of the Trump-Russia conspiracy the official position of the U.S intelligence apparatus (CIA, FBI, DOJ and NSA).

[NSA did NOT sign off on/agree with the ICA]

The whole Russian Collusion imbroglio was a sword to be used against Trump and a shield for the actors who had been illegally spying on citizens of these United States.  The outgoing Maladministration of the SCOAMF left behind them, embedded in the Civil Service, an immature KGB.

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