Thomas Lifson Casts Richard Grenell In The Roll Of Subadar Prag Tewarri

First, I’ll explain the reference in the headline, since not all of you Kipple:

The Grave of the Hundred Head

By Rudyard Kipling

There’s a widow in sleepy Chester
 Who weeps for her only son;
There’s a grave on the Pabeng River,
 A grave that the Burmans shun;
And there’s Subadar Prag Tewarri
Who tells how the work was done.

As to the substance…

It has been clear to me, and I think I have made a convincing case that the tools of National Intelligence and Counter Intelligence were routinely abused by the malAdministration of the SCOAMF.  Here’s how it was done:

The other secrets inside Grenell’s satchel are the key to the biggest political scandal in US history

By Thomas Lifson, the American Thinker

That satchel that Acting DNI Ric Grenell personally delivered to the Department of Justice on May 7, 2020 was far too big for just a list of the 39 Obama administration officials, including his chief of staff and ambassador to Italy.  Those higher ups have been exposed as requesting the unmasking of General Flynn. But there must have been a lot more inside, and that material was voluminous to require a briefcase-sized container, and that is the key to exposing the real extent of the spy operation that President Obama carried out on his political enemies, and the unmasking of General Michael Fynn is just the tip of the iceberg.

That is the basic message of this long and fascinating post by retired naval officer J.E. Dyer at Liberty Unyielding. I urge those who take a keen interest in the subject to read the whole thing, for it is full of technical points and complexities, but I will offer my own perspective on the thesis advanced by Ms. Dyer, who tweets under the name OptimisticCon. The post was sent to me by a counterintelligence professional who noted that it reinforced the point I made yesterday:

The unmasking of the unmaskers of General Flynn’s telephone call is the camel’s nose under the tent of the Obama administration’s conspiracy to sabotage the incoming Trump administration, using the vast resources of the federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies using Deep State operatives within them.”

In summary, the Staff of the NSC and the NCTC were the clearing and coordination points for the massive (30,000 queries in calendar year 2016) exploitation of the FISA database by the Obama malAdministration.

There was a method of tracing data upstream that had the effect of un-masking without the paper trail.  The digital trail had to be forensically exhumed from the database.

Follow the link for the details and the revelation of who the “contractors” were, and who they were contracted under, in the redacted passage from Judge Collyer that started the unraveling of this ball of lies and deceipt.

Subadar Prag Tewarri
Put the head of the Boh
On the top of the mound of triumph,
The head of his son below—
With the sword and the peacock-banner
That the world might behold and know.

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