Nevada Goes Communist

At least as far as their presidential preference.

Stunning: A Delusional Socialist Just Blew Away the Democrat Competition in Nevada. Now What?

By Paula Bolyard, PJMedia

If you think that headline sounds like something from the Babylon Bee, you’re not alone. It defies logic, reason, and incredible odds, but as of publishing time, it appears that Bernie Sanders—a democratic socialist who is not even a member of the Democratic Party—is going to blow away the competition in the Nevada caucuses. At present, with just over 23% reporting, Bolshie Bernie has nearly 40% of the vote, topping second-place Biden by 17 points.

The reactions are noteworthy.

Feelin’ The Bern in Nevada

By Robert Shibley, Instapundit

So at what point does the political establishment realize that it’s not a coincidence that the most popular figures in each of the major parties are the ones the establishment most obviously can’t stand, and start making some adjustments?

And as for the “reasonable never Trump” folks:

This Is ‘Principled Conservatism?’ Joe Walsh Gives His Reaction to Bernie Win

By Nick Arama, RedState

In the wake of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) winning the Nevada caucus, more moderate Democrats and Never Trump people have been having meltdowns and that realization moment that their real choice may be between President Donald Trump and a socialist.

They should have already known this, given that Bernie was predicted to win Nevada by a lot. But maybe it’s finally sinking in now.

So you have folks like Bill Kristol and Jen Rubin apparently still in the shock and denial meltdown phase.

But where is Joe Walsh, you know, that guy that Bill Kristol was supporting as a “principled Republican” who was going to appeal to people and take down Trump? You know the guy who recently dropped out of the race after realizing his effort was a complete fail and Trump (big surprise) would get the nomination?

Let’s listen to the pearls of wisdom from this “Republican.”

He’s there, trying to talk Tom Nichols off the ledge. And he goes there.

Joe Walsh


Respectfully my friend, you & @JRubinBlogger need to chill. Like you, I want Trump to lose. There are more people who oppose Trump than support him. Don’t tell me Bernie can’t win. My God, TRUMP is President! ANYONE can win. All of us must unite behind WHOEVER the Dems choose. 

Tom Nichols


For months, @JRubinBlogger was the person who’s been talking me off the ledge. 

Yep.  Trump in a landslide.

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