More Bad Luck [Updated]

By now we’ve heard that the Iranian missile strikes once again proved that Iranian Surface to Surface missiles do indeed strike the surface of the earth, but not whatever it is that they were aimed at.

Sadly, their Surface to Air missiles do seem capable of taking down unarmed passenger flights on climb out from Tehran International Airport:

Note that the aircraft is both burning and shedding debris as it descends.

Unsurprisingly the Iranian’s are refusing to turn over the flight data recorder [black box] and cockpit voice recorder to international aviation officials.


It Looks Increasingly Likely That Iran Accidentally Shot Down That Ukrainian Airliner

By strief, Red State

More and more, though, the crash of PS752 is looking like a shootdown.

For instance, these are the tracks for the aircraft from takeoff until it disappeared from radar

Jean-François Mezei@jfmezei

The Track log for Ukraine Airline 752 shows a flight of about 2 minutes before end of tracked messages.

The plane was climbing above 2240m at and accelerating beyond 513kmh when it stopped giving ADB messages. Suspect this is NOT a technical problem.

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There was no MAYDAY call from the aircraft. Everything was routine until the plane disappeared from radar and reappeared on the ground. And (h/t to Brandon’s excellent article) there is more evidence that says this was no accident.

Ah Iranian competence…

Locals have since located and photographed the guidance section of an Iranian SM-1 SAM discovered close to the crash site.

In this type of SAM the warhead is located immediately aft of the guidance section, and you can see where the expanding rod warhead was detonated at the aft end of the guidance section…

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