U. S. Attorney Durham’s Star Witness

Attorney General Barr had some interesting comments in an interview with Fox News.  Mostly he was clearly maintaining distance between U. S. Attorney Durham’s ongoing investigation and his office and responsibilities.  The really interesting news comes separately:

It’s Heating Up: Former NSA Director Mike Rogers Reportedly Cooperating in Durham Probe

By Nick Arama, Red State

According to The Intercept, former NSA Director Mike Rogers is cooperating with the investigation and has met with Durham multiple times.

While the substance of those meetings is not clear, Rogers has cooperated voluntarily, several people with knowledge of the matter said…

Rogers’s voluntary participation, which has not been previously reported, makes him the first former intelligence director known to have been interviewed for the probe.

“He’s been very cooperative,” one former intelligence officer who has knowledge of Rogers’s meetings with the Justice Department said.

If we try to suss that out or speculate a little, “multiple times” sounds like Durham believes that Rogers has information on something worthwhile.

Rogers was part of the briefing of President-elect Donald Trump in January 2017 on the efforts by Russia to influence the election. Others involved in the briefing were Brennan, then FBI Director James Comey and then Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Rogers also gave Trump a briefing in a meeting at Trump Tower shortly after the election. Then the Trump transition team moved from Trump Tower to Trump’s club in Bedminster, New Jersey on November 18, 2016.

Indeed it is generally understood that Admiral Rogers brief was specifically a defensive briefing concerning the monitoring of then President Elect Trump’s electronic communications.  It was also Admiral Rogers who apprised FISC Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyers of the misuse of the FISA 702 databases by the FBI in 2016, leading to Judge Collyer’s Memorandum and Order.

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