Fraud Upon The Court

The previous FISC Order that Presiding Judge Rosemary M. Collyer ordered to be reviewed and declassified (see The FISC Expresses Their Displeasure) has dropped.

FISC Releases Previously Classified Judge Collyer Order – What Other FISA Cases Was Kevin Clinesmith Involved In?…

By sundance, the Conservative TreeHouse

The DOJ-NatSec Division and FBI reported issues of fraud upon the FISA court in October and November prior to the IG FISA report release.  Specifically the DOJ notified the FISC that OGC Kevin Clinesmith had manipulated and falsified evidence. On December 5th, Judge Coller responded to that series of notifications with an order.

The Court was even less pleased than in their follow up order which resulted in this one being declassified and released.  Sundance summarizes as follows:

Judge Collyer has three questions/orders and instructs the DOJ: (1) to inform the court of what previous FISA applications Kevin Clinesmith was involved in; (2) inform the court what steps have been taken to review [those other FISA applications worked on by Clinesmith] the potential of those applications to also contain fraudulent information; and (3) inform the court what the hell they did to punish this gross behavior from the FBI Office of Legal Counsel.

Keep in mind Judge Collyer wrote this order (Dec 5th) prior to her seeing the full unredacted IG report on FISA abuse (Dec 9th)…. so it’s likely there will be more to come as an outcome of this mess.

Disbarment is a good first step.

P.S.  Judge Collyer is stepping down as Presiding Judge of the FISC (though she remains a member of the court until her term finishes), and Chief Justice Roberts has appointed Judge Boasberg to preside.  Note that it was Judge Boasberg who revealed the continuing misuse of FISA 702 Data in 2017.

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