Impeachment Fiasco — OPEN THREAD

Today, the United States House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump. Article One passed with a vote of 230-197 with two Democrats (Collin Peterson, D-MN, and Jeff Van Drew, D-NJ) voting against it. Article Two passed 229-198 with three Democrats opposed (Peterson, Van Drew and Jared Golden, D-ME).

Back in March, Speak Pelosi stated that the impeachment of the president should be on evidence that is overwhelming, compelling and bipartisan. This disgraceful act meets anything but that lofty standard. There is no direct evidence of wrongdoing by the president. The “evidence” selectively submitted by the Democrats is second-hand, hearsay, and open conjecture. Due process was ignored, relevant witnesses were not called, and House rules were broken in the insane rush to do what many Democrats openly acknowledged was their goal ever since the president was elected. This is exactly what the Founders wanted to avoid—a naked, partisan rush to remove a president that is rooted in political opposition rather than an actual crime.

The Democrats are so desperate to make anything stick to the president that they with straight face accuse him of obstruction merely for seeking remedy against their attacks via our judicial system. No branch of government is given a blank check to overrun another branch. It is precisely the role of the judiciary to remedy conflicts according to the rule of law. The Democrats have proven themselves (as if more proof were needed) the opponents of the very principles they accuse the president of breaking. As accusers, they bear the responsibility of bringing a compelling case to remove a man the People voted to be president. If the polls are accurate, they have miserably failed to do so. No matter to the Dems of course. After creating of mountain of irresponsible statements—statements that led to this fiasco—they had to save whatever face they could salvage and finish the dishonorable journey they unwisely embarked on back in 2016. The country is the worse for it.

It is clear that the Democratic Party is being propelled by rabid leftist socialists and is long past being corrected by anybody therein who retains a modicum of decency. They were close to  having everything in 2016, but the American People and Donald Trump stopped them in their tracks. The banshee screams of the Left were and are deafening. To them, this is a war they are determined to win by any means. The same kind of fever gripped the Democrats back in 1972. Reality slapped them in the face at the electoral Waterloo that November. Will the Democrats face a similar fate in 2020? That will truly be a watershed moment in American history. If the electorate lets the Democrats get away with what they did today, we will lose the very thing that has kept us free. Let us hope that regardless one’s personal opinion of the president, there yet remains in the American People an abiding faithfulness to the principles of liberty, due process, innocence until guilt is proven and objectivity. If not, our beloved Republic may spin out of control. We will find out in 11 months.

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