Ranking Member Devin Nunes Comments On Collyer’s Order

Former Chairman Nunes informed the court of the fraud perpetrated on the court in February of 2018, and repeated his

Nuclear – Devin Nunes Questions FISC Judge Lack of Candor – Again Calls For Dismantling of FISA Court…

By Sundance, the Conservative Treehouse

Today, hours after Judge Collyer released her order, Devin Nunes responded to the review of the FISC by stating, accurately, Judge Collyer doth protest too much.

In this interview Devin Nunes outlines his February 2018 notification to the FISC about the specific fraud upon the court; and as a result of that (and a follow-up) notification, Nunes again takes the FISC to task for saying they were not aware.  Collyer was aware because Nunes told her.

Accepting the totality of the FISC obfuscation, HPSCI ranking member Devin Nunes again calls for the dismantling of the FISA court process. WATCH:

Clearly the Court should have acted on this at the time.

Their failure to do so enabled all the subsequent abuses surrounding Crossfire Hurricane / Meuller Travestry / Impeachment Palooza.

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