Impeachment Vote Will Cost These Dems Their Seats

They ran as moderates in swing districts yet voted like radicals. The GOP needs to flip only 19 seats in 2020 to regain control, and there are more than twice that number of vulnerable Democrats in Trump districts.

An insightful piece by David Catron at the American Spectator:

“The Democrats, their bluster about the 2018 “blue wave” notwithstanding, have a particularly tenuous grasp on the House majority. The GOP needs to flip only 19 seats in 2020 to regain control — and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has already identified more than twice that number of vulnerable Democrats in districts won by Trump in 2016. Thursday’s vote has imperiled those weak Democrats even further by graphically illustrating that there really is no such thing as a “moderate Democrat.” Below is a list of Democrats who promised their constituents they would rise above the corrupting influence of the Washington establishment and are now likely to lose their House seats.”

My district’s worthless toad of a congressman, Emanuel Cleaver(D MO-5), is not on that list. Cleaver is forever marked safe from serious challenge thanks to the blind allegiance of his slavish, urban core supporters – to the exasperation from the 48% of us in 5th district hinterland. This math holds true for Cleaver’s chronic liar (and allegedly venal) 3rd cousin, Lacy Clay(D MO-1), on the other side of the state in St. Louis.

Here a poll; there a poll; everywhere a poll-poll. So how likely is it the GOP will flip those vulnerable House seats from blue to red? In this age of Trump, it’s hard to predict anything, but there is anecdotal evidence to suggest the voting public is disgusted with a do-nothing Congress embroiled in the whole Schiff show coup scam in the House dungeon:

From Molly at The Federalist:
Real Talk: Impeachment Is Going Poorly For Democrats And The Media

“Inside of newsrooms, broadcast studios, and Twitter, impeachment is going according to plan. Outside of those bubbles, it’s not.”

Kemberlee Kaye at Legal Insurrection:
House Holding Public Impeachment Hearings Next Week Tomorrow As Public Support for Impeachment Tanks

“According to the Morning Consult, support for impeachment has dropped 4 points since the closed-door inquiries began (back in October).”

Nate Madden at Conservative Review:
New numbers highlight just how bad the partisan divide is on impeachment

“87 percent of Democrats surveyed said that Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office… 92 percent of surveyed Republicans opposed Trump removal.”

Money is the mother’s milk of politics, and the GOP is swimming in it. By contrast, the Dems are so parched (how parched are they?!) they’re watching reruns of Dune for the appreciative spitting scenes.

Trump and RNC raised massive $125 million in third quarter

“The president and the Republican National Committee have a combined $156 million in the bank.”

The GOP has out-raised the Dems by a 6-1 margin.

Then, there are those massive Trump rallies at stadiums packed to the rafters with cheering Trump fans – compared to Quid Pro Joe bumping into walls, lost in America, while Faux-cohontas Warren stares out at empty seats in a middle school gymnasium, as greedy ol’ commie Sanders face plants on the sidewalk….

You know, anecdotal evidence.

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