Unintended Consequences

Some of you may recall this former mayor of Atlanta and failed candidate for Governor of Georgia.

Failed Gubernatorial Candidate

She made a lot of noise after failing to win her election.  Mostly allegations of ballot irregularities.

Yesterday (Tuesday November 5th, 2019) was election day, and my county (Lowndes) was one of the test counties for the new election procedures.

It went like this.  Present state issued photo ID, which ID is then scanned and the information verified.  The voter is then required to review their data and sign an affidavit that is information is true and accurate and that they are indeed the person named on the ID.

Voter is then handed a smart card which will unlock one ballot marking machine.  Said machine is a touch screen system that presents the candidates and ballot initiatives.  The voter taps the boxes for his selection and moves on to the next page.  At the end the voter is shown who and what they voted for with opportunity to revisit any or all selections.  When the voter is satisfied, they hit the print button and a marked ballot is printed which shows only the candidates voted for and yes/no votes for ballot initiatives.

The voter reviews this printed ballot, which is on heavy stock with anti-counterfeiting measures, and a serial number (pre-printed).  The voter then removes the smart card which locks the ballot marking machine.

The voter then hands the smart card to a poll worker and proceeds to one of several ballot boxes.  Each box is large, with external serial number and tamper seals on all access points.  A scanner is built into the top.  The voter inserts the ballot which is scanned and retained within the ballot box.  The external counter for number of ballots increments by one.

I saw no indications that any devices, other than the scanners for voter ID verification, were networked.

This is the best voting system I have ever used in 40 years and across 10 states.  The opportunities for fraud or tampering are few and high risk.  There is a clear audit trail in that the marked ballot remains secured within the ballot box.

I am sure the dhimmocrats will hate it.

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