Huge October jobs numbers are why Democrats are trying to impeach President Trump

Take a look at this huge jobs report for October. Economists expected 75,000 jobs but 128,000 jobs were created and that’s in spite of 42,000 jobs being lost temporarily due to the strike at GM. And that’s not all, friends. September’s job report was corrected UP from 136,000 to 180,000 jobs and August’s job report was also corrected UP from 168,000 to 219,000 jobs.
You want to know why the Democrats and media are out-and-out lying about President Donald Trump? You want to know why they’re trying to impeach the president with their Ukraine hoax after their Russia hoax blew up in their faces? Because of these jobs numbers.
Month after month after month the president’s economy has continued to expand. The black unemployment rate is the lowest it’s ever been, again. Women’s unemployment rate is the lowest it’s ever been, again. The Hispanic unemployment rate is the lowest it’s ever been, again.
President Trump is delivering what the Democrats have promised for decades but have never delivered, and he’s delivering it in spades. They must discredit him and get him out of office or their party will be destroyed. The only people who will continue to support them will be the far left socialist crazies who are a tiny number. There won’t be enough minority constituencies left in their corner to win a presidential election again if President Trump continues to deliver these economic results that he’s been delivering and as long as he remains in office he will continue to deliver these results.
As James Carville said, “it’s the economy, stupid.” President Trump’s economy is on fire and the Democrats can’t stop it. President Trump will win 2020 in a landslide. All they can do is impeach him.
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