Small Group Conspirators Continued To Abuse Counter Intelligence Tools After Trump Inauguration

We have established, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the Maladministraion of the faithless feckless former President routine abused the Intelligence communities tools for counter espionage to surveil their domestic political opponents.  The FIS Court now confirms for us that the “small group” continued to abuse these tools after President Trump was inaugurated.

FBI’s Use of Surveillance Database Violated Americans’ Privacy Rights, Court Found

U.S. discloses ruling last year by Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that FBI’s data queries of U.S. citizens were unconstitutional

By Dustin Volz and Byron Tau, the Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON—Some of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s electronic surveillance activities violated the constitutional privacy rights of Americans swept up in a controversial foreign intelligence program, a secretive surveillance court has ruled.

The intelligence community disclosed Tuesday that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court last year found that the FBI’s efforts to search data about Americans ensnared in a warrantless internet-surveillance program intended to target foreign suspects have violated the law authorizing the program, as well as the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches. The issue was made public by the government only after it lost an appeal of the judgment earlier this year before another secret court [FISC-R, FIS Court of Review].

The court concluded that in at least a handful of cases, the FBI had been improperly searching a database of raw intelligence for information on Americans—raising concerns about oversight of the program, which as a spy program operates in near total secrecy.

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Who knew that in excess of 70,000 was a few?


In one case central to the court’s opinion, the FBI in March 2017 conducted a broad search for information related to more than 70,000 emails, phone numbers and other digital identifiers. The bureau appeared to be looking for data to conduct a security review of people with access to its buildings and computers— meaning the FBI was searching for data linked to its own employees.

That was the Bureau looking for a leaker or leakers.

We turn now to sundance for the heavy lifting that the urinal won’t do…

DNI Declassifies FISA Judge James Boasberg 2018 Ruling – FBI Conducted “Tens of Thousands” of Unauthorized NSA Database Queries…

By sundance, the Conservative Treehouse

The timing here is an important aspect.

It is within this time-period where ongoing DOJ and FBI activity transfers from the Obama administration (Collyer report) into the Trump administration (Boasberg report).

It cannot be overemphasized as you read the Boasberg opinion, or any reporting on the Boasberg opinion, that officials within DOJ and FBI are/were on a continuum.  Meaning the “small group” activity didn’t stop after the election but rather continued with the Mueller and Weissmann impeachment agenda.

Within Judge Boasberg’s review of the 2017 activity he outlines an identical set of FISA violations from within the FBI units and “contractors” as initially outlined by Judge Collyer a year earlier.  Judge Boasberg wrote his opinion in October 2018 and that opinion was declassified today (October 8th, 2019). Boasberg is reviewing 2017 through March 2018.  [Main Link to All Legal Proceedings Here]

Ladies and Gentlemen, observe an Agency of the Federal Government which holds itself to be above the law.

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