Flynn Prosecution Falling Apart

Conviction Of “Co-Conspirator” Thrown Out, Order For Acquittal Entered

This is a vanishingly rare outcome.  A Federal Judge not only set aside a criminal conviction by a Jury, but also directed a verdict of Acquittal and a conditional order for a new trial should he be reversed on appeal.

Stunning Rebuke – Federal Judge Throws Out Guilty Verdict for Flynn Partner and Acquits…

By sundance, the Conservative Treehouse

In a stunning and very rare move today Federal Judge Anthony J Trenga has thrown out the conviction of a Mike Flynn’s partner Bijan Rafiekian (Flynn Intel Group) and granted the defendants’ motion to acquit.  [Hat Tip to Techno-Fog for the ruling]

This is a huge blow to the DOJ-NSD who framed their special counsel case on sketchy FARA violations and bamboozled the jury with dubious legal theories.  This type of intervention by a federal judge is very rare.

The implications for the Flynn matter should be self evident.


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