When Narrative Is All One Has…

…And it’s not even a credible narrative.

The Derp State and their LSM partners have a problem.  Their preferred candidate for President appears to be criminally involved in the Ukraine.

And what narrative is the LSM running with?

Trump Repeatedly Pressed Ukraine President to Investigate Biden’s Son

Interactions under focus amid whistleblower complaint on U.S. president’s dealings with a world leader

By Alan CullisonRebecca Ballhaus. and Dustin Volz, the Wall Street Journal

President Trump in a July phone call repeatedly pressured the president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden ’s son, according to people familiar with the matter, urging Volodymyr Zelensky about eight times to work with Rudy Giuliani on a probe that could hamper Mr. Trump’s potential 2020 opponent.

Alas, the Democratic narrative stared falling apart immediately.

Missing piece to the Ukraine puzzle: State Department’s overture to Rudy Giuliani

By John Solomon, the Hill

According to interviews with more than a dozen Ukrainian and U.S. officials, Ukraine’s government under recently departed President Petro Poroshenko and, now, Zelensky has been trying since summer 2018 to hand over evidence about the conduct of Americans they believe might be involved in violations of U.S. law during the Obama years.

Pay no attention to then Vice President Biden stating for the cameras that he pressured Ukraine to derail a criminal investigation.

So who are you going to believe?  Your lying eyes and ears, or your betters in the LSM,

Trump Says He Discussed Biden in Call With Ukraine’s President

Democrats press demand for an inquiry on president’s July discussion

By Dustin Volz and Rebecca Ballhaus, the Wall Street Journal Urinal

WASHINGTON—President Trump confirmed Sunday that he discussed Joe Biden with Ukraine’s president during a July call, a conversation that has prompted Democrats to accuse the president of wrongfully pressuring a foreign leader to investigate a political opponent.

Because Orange Man Bad!

Hat Tip to sundance of the Conservative Treehouse, who also provides his analysis of motive.

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