America: transmission or transformation?

Now this is an interesting and informative article by John Fonte that is really worth your time. In it he outlines how our country is in a cold civil war. You know it is. You see it being played out on your TV and on the internet. We’ve got the Democrats, the COA (Congresswomen Of the Apocalypse), illegal immigrants, media, the Leftist/higher education complex, a few Rinos, and Big Tech on the side of American Transformation.
Then we’ve got those who are for American Transmission. We are the normal Americans. Militant Normals as Kurt Schlichter says. We go to work every day in unglamorous jobs. We are farmers, factory workers, teachers, small business owners, stay at home moms, legal immigrants. We love our country, we love our nation’s history even as we acknowledge its faults and sins. We have hardly any media on our side. But we have President Trump and most Republicans. These two sides are now battling it out, which was what the 2016 presidential election was all about and why President Trump’s win was so important. The article Flight 93 Election also outlined what was at stake. 
John Fonte put together a chart of the concepts we’re fighting over. If the ideals on the left that encompass American transmission win this war, then we will carry on the American ideals and the American dream to future generations. If those who want an American transformation win, then the ideals of the new world order and multiculturalism on the right side of the chart will replace those on the left, and the America as we have always known it will become unrecognizable.
Be sure to read John Fonte’s article.
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