Two Americas: one is real, the other is in the Democrats’ imagination

The first Democrat debate took place in two sessions last week. If you watched any of it, you picked up on the candidates’ narrative of the economy: it sucks.

During the second half of the Democrat debate, Kamala Harris was noted as saying, “America does not want to witness a food fight. They want to know how we’re going to put food on their table.”

Hearing Harris’s comments, you’d get the impression we’re living in depression-like economic conditions. You’d think the unemployment rate was in the double digits and that millions of American workers are being laid off as their jobs are moved overseas or to Mexico. But Harris wasn’t the only Democrat trying to gaslight voters.

Elizabeth Warren claimed about the economy, “[i]t’s doing great, for a thinner and thinner slice at the top. It’s doing great for giant drug companies. It’s just not doing great for people who are trying to get a prescription filled,” insinuating middle class Americans are desperate and scrounging to make ends meet.

Contrast these candidates’ views with articles like this one informing Americans how to handle multiple job offers that was published in the Wall Street Journal on June 24, a mere two days before the first Democrat primary debate (emphasis mine):

It should be any job seeker’s dream: You’re looking for a job and three offers land in your lap. Or maybe you’re not even looking and a rival company tries to recruit you.

“Congratulations. You did everything right,” career coach Teri Coyne tells clients facing such situations.

Few feel like celebrating, however. “Instead, they’re like, ‘I am under so much stress right now,’ ” she says.

More job seekers are juggling multiple offers at once, creating sticky situations for all involved. How well candidates manage them can shape their long-term career satisfaction, and their professional reputations.

Instead of dealing with the stress of losing jobs, Americans are dealing with the stress of  having to choose from multiple job offers. It’s hard out there for Democrats trying to run against Trump’s economy.

Alfredo Ortiz at the Orange County Register has the data behind Trump’s economy that destroys the Democrats’ misinformation campaign:

More to the point, Democrats’ talking point that the economy is only working for the wealthy is laughable. Start with unemployment rates, which are at or near record lows for Hispanic, black, female, and young workers. The rate for Americans without a high-school education, supposedly a group that’s been shafted in today’s economy, is also hovering near a record low. For those with disabilities, it’s fallen by more than 20 percent over the last year to the lowest level on record.

Then look at wages. While average wages have been growing at 3 percent or more for several months now, they’ve been increasing even faster for middle-class production and nonsupervisory workers.

Last year, wage growth was 6.5 percent for the 10th percentile of workers with the lowest incomes — about double the overall average. Democrats’ incessant claims of “stagnant wages” is an outdated cliché.

Meanwhile, food stamp usage continues to decline. Disability claims are near a historic low. Initial jobless claims are at their lowest level in 50 years. And there are 7.4 million unfilled jobs, many of which pay $50,000 a year or more, far more than the number of unemployed Americans.

Larry Kudlow went on Fox News with Chris Wallace and responded to the Dems’ claims of a bad economy:

“I just don’t understand, in general. I’ve seen some of this, I hear some of their policies, I hear some of their narratives. I don’t understand what planet they’re describing. The United States economy is booming.”

The American people know the economy is booming. They know it because they feel it in their own lives. They see it all around them. Their family and friends are doing well. Their neighborhoods, cities, and towns are thriving. Retail stores are crowded. Restaurants are packed. Companies are moving back to America to do business. Americans are having to learn how to deal with getting multiple job offers. It’s all good. Don’t listen to the Democrats. In order to win, they have to convince the majority of Americans they aren’t seeing what they’re actually seeing: the United States is a vibrant, thriving economic powerhouse.


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