Sworn Testimony of DoJ And FBI Affiants Released. [Updated]

Things just got interesting.  Very interesting.

Doug Collins Releases Transcripts of Nine Former DOJ and FBI Officials…

By Sundance, the Conservative Treehouse

Moments ago Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins released the transcripts of nine key figures from the House investigation into DOJ and FBI political activity.

The transcript release includes testimony from:

  • Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe – pdf Link Here
  • Former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch – pdf Link Here
  • James Comey former chief-of-staff James Rybicki – pdf Link Here
  • Former FBI lawyer, Office of Legal Counsel, Trisha Beth Anderson – pdf Link Here
  • Deputy Asst. Attorney General (DOJ-NSD), George Toscas – pdf Link Here
  • FBI Deputy Asst. Director, Jonathan Moffa – pdf Link Here
  • Former FBI Executive Assistant Director of the National Security Branch, John Giaclone – pdf Link Here
  • FBI Unit Chief, Office of Legal Counsel, Sally Moyer – pdf Link Here
  • FBI New York Field Office, Assistant Director in Charge, William F. Sweeney Jr. – pdf Link Here

It’s already sworn testimony.  Let the perjury investigations propagate.  After all, Mueller insists that lying to Federal Officials [such as Congress] is a very serious matter worthy of investigation, prosecution, and prison time.

Update tidbits:

  1.  Loretta Lynch denied telling James Comey to refer to the Clinton E-mail noninvestigation as a “matter.”
  2.  McCabe testified that he dismissed Strzok from the IC staff.
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