Investigating The Investigators

As Kim has written, “AG Barr assigns US Attorney to investigate legality of surveillance of Trump campaign.”  The lack of results obtained by US Attorney John Huber inclines me to remain cautious.  But there is some cause for cautious optimism:

New Russiagate Prober Has Haunted FBI for Months

By Eric Felton, Real Clear Investigations

John Durham, the prosecutor tapped by Attorney General William Barr to investigate how Trump-Russia allegations emerged and spread within federal law enforcement, has already been looking into whether the FBI’s former top lawyer, James Baker, illegally leaked to reporters.

In fact, the U.S. attorney from Connecticut appears to have begun that work more than seven months ago, to judge from an underreported transcript of an October congressional interview with Baker. The Baker interview, at which Durham was not present, suggests that the prosecutor nevertheless has some people very worried.

Specifically,  Dan Levin, Mr. Baker’s counsel.  Mr. Levin prevented his client from answering questions about his relationships and conversations with members of the press:

North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows wanted to make clear what Baker’s lawyer was claiming: “You’re saying he’s under criminal investigation? That’s why you’re not letting him answer?”


Levin and the lawmakers sparred a bit over whether Baker was invoking his Fifth Amendment rights, and the congressmen finally got around to asking who was leading this criminal probe:

“There is an ongoing investigation by whom?” Jordan said.

“The Justice Department,” Levin responded.

“I mean, is the inspector general looking at this or is this—”

“No,” said Levin, “it’s Mr. John Durham, a prosecutor.”

That was seven months ago.  So Durham has been actively investigating the leaks (which became news stories that were rolled back in as confirmatory information) associated with this abomination for months, and the “news” that AG Barr has appointed him to investigate appears to be a shot across the bow of the House Judiciary Committee.


Hat Tip: Glenn Instapundit Reynolds

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Breaking: AG Barr assigns US Attorney to investigate legality of surveillance of Trump campaign