Malfeasance Of The United States Attorney For The District of Columbia

A number of interesting occurences in the nation’s capital have left me perplexed.

  1.  Why the hell weren’t the Awan brothers prosecuted for espionage?
  2.  Why was James Wolfe (Staff Security Director for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence) allowed to plead out on a single charge of lying to investigators when the indictment documented his leaking of classified information to his girlfriend reporter?
  3.  Why was former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig not prosecuted by the Special Counsel who discovered his illegal actions?
  4.  Why was no action taken in the matter of the criminal referral of former Deputy Director McCabe?

The Corruption and Influence of Jessie K Liu…

By sundance, the Conservative Treehouse

If you note the common thread is: U.S. Attorney for DC, Jessie K Liu, well, you would be entirely accurate.  Oh, but wait, we’ve only just begun.

Pay attention to the timelines.

While newly confirmed Attorney General William Barr was/is “getting his arms” around ongoing corruption within the organization he is now attempting to lead, there was an announcement on March 5th, about U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu becoming the #3 official at the DOJ.

Three weeks later, on March 28th, there was an announcement about a change of plans, and U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu’s name was withdrawn from consideration.

In addition to AG Bill Barr “getting his arms around” issues within the department, what else happened between March 5th and March 28th that would so drastically change plans for Ms. Liu?:

On March 21st Representatives Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows send a letter (full pdf available here) to Attorney General William Barr wanting to know what is the status of the year-old (April 19th, 2018) criminal referral for fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. (link)

A grand jury should be convened to investigate the official performance of Jessie Liu.


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