A Platform Approved By Robespierre

It looks like the Donkey’s are gearing up for a platform that assuredly has Andrew Jackson spinning in his grave.  The planks appear to be:

    1. Legalize infanticide
    2. Dump the Electoral College in favor of Direct Popular vote for President
    3. Stuff the Supreme Court
    4. Lower the voting age in Federal Elections to sixteen
    5. Enfranchise non-citizens


Democrats want to change the rules because they aren’t winning anymore

By John Podoretz, the New York Post

In recent days, Democrats have been trampling all over each other to get to a microphone to trumpet massive structural changes to American public life.

First, several presidential candidates are calling for an increase in the size of the Supreme Court. Nine justices are too few, apparently.

Well, that’s just riffing off of Franklin Delano [the bad] Roosevelt.


Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has endorsed a proposal to lower the federal voting age to 16 (an idea already being contemplated at the local level in Oregon and the District of Columbia, and gathering steam in California).

Well of course, Oregon, the District of Columbia, and California have, between them, not failed to adopt a stupid idea with foreseeable dire consequences in my political lifetime.


Oh, and a great many Democrats want to abolish the Electoral College.

Oh, H3ll no.  Were it not for the Electoral College Madam Former Secretary Felonia Milhouse Von Pantsuit would be President of these United States.

But hey, all y’all dhimmocrats, go for it.  The odds of getting the requisite Amendments adopted to implement planks two, three, and seven aren’t there, and the voting public’s reaction to the whole platform is unlikely to be favorable.





Hat Tip: Ed Driscoll writing at Instapundit.




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