Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a real congresswoman or a puppet for dangerous people?

Unanswered questions have bothered me about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. How could a 20-something year old bartender with no name recognition and no money what so ever storm Congress? Could this 27 year old truly be as much of a master persuader as President Trump, who used his techniques to achieve incredible success in international real estate and television, thereby amassing a multi-billion dollar fortune? If this 27 year old really is as good at persuasion as a multi-billionaire, wouldn’t she have been doing something far more productive and lucrative post college than just bartending?

This morning, I saw this video over at Bookworm Room and was immediately intrigued because it addresses some of those unanswered questions. This is how Bookworm stumbled up on it:

A conservative Facebook group to which I belong, one with several hundred members, has seen at least four people post a video in which a man calling himself Mr. Reagan, who has a fruity, game-show host voice, advances the theory that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (aka #AOC-ward, pronounced “awkward”) is not a ditzy Leftist millennial politician at all but is, instead, an actress. According to Mr. Reagan, Donkey Chompers is the pretty face for a radical Leftist group that wants to remake the entire Democrat party by defeating establishment Democrats using people just like #AOC-ward: telegenic and able to recite their lines.

Because people whose intelligence I have come to respect through years of following this Facebook group thought the video was important, I took the time to watch it. And you know what? I can’t decide whether it’s a brilliant insight into what’s going on in American politics or if it’s the sane-sounding ravings of a delusional man. Some of what Mr. Reagan advances makes absolute sense in a scary way; some of what he describes sounds more like the organic coming-together of like-minded people rather than a vast conspiracy; and some of it sounds as if it came out of a Hollywood scriptwriter’s conference.

Read all of Bookworm’s post and then watch the video yourself and tell me what you think. Is AOC the result of Saikat Chakrabarti and the Justice Democrats’ efforts to install a telegenic candidate they can control? Or is she really the ingenious 27 year old bartender who decided one day she had what it took to run for congress and win?

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