Democrats embrace anti-Semitism – Updated

The Democrats have refused to sanction or condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic statements. In fact, they’re doing the opposite: they’ve chosen to protect her. It’s quite the decision they’ve made. Just a few moments ago, Speaker Pelosi went in front of media and explained them away:

Nancy Pelosi now says Rep. Ilhan Omar didn’t know what she was saying. That’s rich. And one heck of an about face. If you remember, it was Nancy Pelosi who had called for a resolution condemning Omar’s anti-Semitic statements, which was supposed to be brought to the floor today for a vote, but the Democrat freshmen, including Rashinda Tlaib (another anti-Semite) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (an anti-Semite sympathizer) revolted, forcing the Speaker to delay the vote.

It’s really quite amazing. The pit bull who for years had kept the members of her caucus voting they way she wanted them to vote has lost control of her party. Who would have ever thought we would see Speaker Pelosi go out in public and do the bidding of her newest members?

In addition, veteran Democrat James Clyburn rushed to publicly align himself with his new Democrat Party leadership as well. Check out what he said today:

Clyburn came to Omar’s defense Wednesday, lamenting that many of the media reports surrounding the recent controversy have omitted mentioning that Omar, who was born in Somalia, had to flee the country to escape violence and spent four years in a Kenyan refugee camp before coming to the United States.

Her experience, Clyburn argued, is much more empirical — and powerful — than that of people who are generations removed from the Holocaust, Japanese internment camps during World War II and the other violent episodes that have marked history.

“I’m serious about that. There are people who tell me, ‘Well, my parents are Holocaust survivors.’ ‘My parents did this.’ It’s more personal with her,” Clyburn said. “I’ve talked to her, and I can tell you she is living through a lot of pain.”

Can you believe it? James Clyburn told Holocaust survivors to essentially shut up, sit down, and stop sniveling because Ilhan Omar’s suffering is so much more empirical and powerful.

Rick Moran over at American Thinker wrote a post in which he said Democrats aren’t sure if they want to come out of the closet with their anti-semitism. It looks to me like the Democrats have they’ve made their decision. They’re coming out of the closet.

Update: Jeff Dunetz reports at LidBlog that Democrats in Minneapolis held an intervention with Rep. Ilhan Omar about her anti-Semitic tropes, dog whistles etc a number of years ago, proving Pelosi’s defense of Omas baseless. Omar knew her comments were hurtful and harmful. She knew what she was saying was anti-Semitic. Of course she knew.

Update II: Andrew Gillum, now on CNN, described Omar’s anti-Semitic comments as “appropriate” and “legitimate.”

And this guy almost became Florida’s governor.

Update III: As I noted in the first update, Democrats in Minnesota held an intervention with Omar about her anti-Semitism. The Wall Street Journal has more:

Last month, when she apologized for a tweet linking Jews with money, and said she was still learning, that rang untrue to Minneapolis state Sen. Ron Latz, who lives in Ms. Omar’s district.

“She claimed ignorance about the impact of what she was saying,” he said. “I was thinking, wait a minute, she can’t claim that, I met with her.”

How unshocking. The anti-Semite is a liar too.
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Democrats set to condemn anti-semitism in response to Rep. Ilhan Omar's remarks - Updated