Horrifying: Mass grave of Jewish men, women, and children shot by Nazis uncovered in Belarus construction site

Just awful:

The skeletons of about 600 have been unearthed so far, with Belarus soldiers – deployed to undertake the macabre work – now locating the remains of some 40 people each day in the sinister burial place.

City official Anna Kondak said: “We expect the number of victims to go over 1,000.”

The dead are believed to have been Holocaust victims of the Nazis from the Second World War, say officials.

Those executed were from the Brest Jewish ghetto where up to 28,000 lived in 1941-42, it is understood.
Some 17,000 people are known to have been shot in October 1942 near Bronnaya Gora railway station, while thousands more were also presumed to have been slaughtered.

Historic accounts say victims were ordered by Hitler’s forces to strip naked before being shot.

City bosses said that the recent discovery of human remains came during excavations for a new luxury residential development and a shopping mall.

The building work has been suspended while the remains of the mass murder victims are exhumed.

Kondak said: “During three weeks, every day about 40 remains are being found. Now the overall number is around 600.

“As far as we know, there are two major graves here.

“We have almost finished with the first one. After this, experts will start on the second one.”

Governor Alexander Rogachuk said: “We will not allow the building of anything on bones of people.”

Local reports say the human remains have been found in a 20metre-long pit, some 1.5metres deep.

One account said they included “men, women, and children, all with gun shot wounds in their skulls”.

It’s sometimes hard to believe that Hitler’s evil still finds its way into the 21st Century. Even worse, however, is Jew hatred still exists today, in of all places, our House of Representatives where Democrats and known anti-semites Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib publicly smear and defame Jews and even dream of eliminating Israel altogether.

This most recent discovery of Hitler’s mass graves is a terrible reminder of what virulent Jew hatred can lead to. The Jew hatred that infects these women makes them wholly unfit to serve in the government of the nation that wiped Hitler’s Nazism off the face of the earth. Omar and Tlaib should be drummed out of the House and never be allowed to hold public office ever again.

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