Democrats’ Medicare for All bill would force everyone onto government insurance in two years

The odds of this bill going anywhere are pretty remote but that it exists at all and with 100 signers is frightening enough. Not only will the Progressive Democrats’ Medicare for All bill outlaw private insurance, it would put one to two million people who work in the industry out of work, pay for all abortions, and cost $20-30 trillion dollars over 10 years. And the bill doesn’t offer any means of paying for the program, which is an issue (an understatement!) since Ocazio-Cortez’s Green New Deal that’s been estimated to cost $93 trillion over ten years is still floating out there and being taken seriously by the Democrat presidential candidates.

This means we’ve got the progressive wing of the Democrat Party proposing two programs that together would cost the American people upwards of $130 trillion dollars over 10 years. Our national debt that took over 230 years to accumulate is $20 trillion right now.

Back to the Medicare for All catastrophe. Guy Benson has a great rundown of the bill, which, by the way, neither doctor in the Democrat Party has endorsed, which is all you need to know about how this bill would play with America’s medical industry.

Since we haven’t heard from the doctors in the Democrat party, I highly recommend you read the Twitter thread by Pouncing Joe Pilot, MD about this MfA bill and the effect it would have on the American medical industry as a whole as well as life saving medical procedures and advancements in particular. He is a doctor and he wrote this thread sitting in a hospital waiting room while his youngest son underwent life saving surgery that he says would not be allowed under Medicare for All. After I reading it, the words that came to my mind were, “my God they want to kill us all.”

I’d say don’t worry about either bill ever seeing the light of day because they’re both so far outside the scope of anything close to realistic, but the politicians pushing them are such crackpots (in the worst definition of the word) they’re fully committed to doing everything it takes to impose what they want on all of us. So, maybe you should worry.

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